Dacemac July 23, 2017
same image entered into Image of the month twice...
BrunoHeeb August 01, 2017
looooove your style ,amazing shot
L4zyPhoto August 01, 2017
Hello Bruno, thx for the compliments ;)
anirbanbiswas August 31, 2017
Crazy !!! Fashion mania.
L4zyPhoto September 01, 2017
Thanks Anirban :)
jimmyl September 14, 2017
Super creative!
L4zyPhoto September 14, 2017
Thank you very much Jimmy :)

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Jun, 2017

Behind the WC's door - Powder my nose

Discover some secrets behind the WC's door

Model : Tiffany
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Behind The Lens

The photo session took place in a friend's house near Brussels in Belgium. I found that the hexagonal tiles, with their different shades, would give nice pictures. And that was confirmed. From the first try, I found the rendering excellent. All that remained was to collaborate with the model to achieve the desired result.
That part of the photo session took place late in the afternoon.
As the lighting of the toilet was not good enough, I used a 300W studio flash equipped with a stripbox to illuminate my subject and the room. The location being quite small, the flash was at its lowest power (1/32).
The picture was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 1 Godox DE300 studio strobe with a 22x90cm stripbox. The studio strobe was mounted on a light stand about 2m high with an angle of 45°.
"Behind the WC's door" is a series inspired by a sentence used by women when they go to the bathroom: the famous: "I'm going to go powder my nose". Elegant metaphor to avoid the trivial "I have to pee / poo" which does not seem to suit the decency of our Western culture ???? So I imagine unusual situations happening behind the toilet / bathroom doors. The series is funny and must obviously be taken ironically. The role of the young woman is interpreted by Tiffany Piens. "Powder my nose" is the first work of this series. For the story, this photo was nearly to be not presented. I remember that I was sick at that time and that I had chosen another image to illustrate "Powder my nose". My model told me she wanted me to develop another photo of the series for her private use. I looked for it in my computer, I opened the image, moment of floating, I opened the image I had selected, I compare the two and I said in my head: you are an idiot! In the end, the image chosen by the model will be published :)
I mainly photograph in RAW, this allows me to have more control over the final image. This involves a post-processing process of the image. This step is an integral part of the creative process. Photography is not limited to pressing a button. We must think the image, work the framing, find the right light and then develop it. For image development, I have mainly increased the temperature in order to get a warmer rendering, increased the contrast to have more punch, crop and image straightening for better readability. Regarding the touch-ups, I removed a soap dispenser that was on the sink at the left of the image and that I had forgotten to remove during the shoot. Dodge and burn to give more relief to the image. Removing a mark on the left ankle of the model.
In my camera bag
It depends on the type of pictures that I want to do but usually I have my 5D Mark III with the Tamron 24-70mm F / 2.8 mounted on it, the Canon EF 16-35mm f / 4L IS, storage batteries, memory cards, my cleaning kit (microfiber, blower and LensPen), my tripod.
First of all, imagine and prepare the concept: take notes when you have ideas, draw diagrams, choose the shooting location, visualize the image you would like to produce, think about the material you will need. From that base, it will be easier to explain to the model what you want to get. If you have the opportunity, take a laptop with you. This will allow you to view the images in full size and not just on the screen of your device. Whether you're shooting directly in tethered or copying photos later does not matter much. What is important is to be able to visualize the images on a good screen in order to be able to analyze them during the shooting. This will allow you, if necessary, to correct things if you make mistakes. Do not hesitate to involve the people who will participate in the shooting (model, makeup artist, stylist, assistant). The more involved they are, the better. Take and give pleasure during the session, do not be stressed and do not put pression on the others. Consider taking breaks during the shooting. Do not be shy, go to the end of your ideas even if they seem crazy. If you refrain it will be felt on the pictures. When the photos are in the box, do not neglect the post-processing part in order to move from a good image to an image of which you will be proud and which, perhaps, others will like. Translation made by my stepbrother Bernard

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