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Follow me on Instagram (@ishotthisforyou) for new content, sneak previews of upcoming sets, and story posts where I cover editing techniques or critique work!
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Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik May 29, 2016
CURUTCHET June 20, 2016
you have beautiful shells in your country
DadiGylfason PRO
DadiGylfason June 21, 2016
Nice colors, beautiful model, magnificent picture!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a secret spot down in RVA. Can't have other photographers stealing my hotspots!
We got out the door early to catch some of the high sun. It sounds counter-intuitive since most will talk non-stop about "Golden Hour" but here is a prime example of how high sun can play to your advantage...
Precisely the point I was about to make: if you want shadowplay incorporated into your work - especially from trees - get outside midday. The sun hits straight down through leaves or whatever rig you have set up to hold a pattern overhead. I've considered getting a light stand and modifying it to hold honeycomb patterns or frond leaves. Makes for amazing shots like this.
This was shot on my brand new Canon 6D. This was the first shoot I had done with it I believe. I was using a Tamron 28-75 and just the sun, no diffusers.
My inspiration is to please this little thing in my head that adores women and the female figure. I no longer follow any lead but that.
Of course! Photography isn't about just the camera anymore. The art is in the composition but it comes alive in the editing. So yes, there is some editing here. What did I do? I can't tell you.
In my camera bag
Canon 6D, Tamron 28-75, a rented Sigma 35mm (usually), some spare batteries, grey card, bluetooth speaker, etc. Normal stuff.
To capture this would mean to be inside my head. It's a very hard thing to spill out. Really what it comes down to is chasing down what you fall in love with. I shoot the women that I'd hang on my wall if they were a painting. When you follow that thing - the ideas for how to best approach them and dress them and shoot them and edit them - it'll come to you. Just don't be afraid of mashing things together and experimenting. Get texture into your photo but be smart about it. Don't be obnoxious and try to do 8 things. Let a few things (rather than a lot of things) blend together. Learn how to balance colors and outfit choices, let them make sense but let them play too. Is a sweater/thong combo traditional? No. But they have a kind of sensual balance, a conservative peekaboo. If you overdo one thing, go lighter in another area. Don't be all-in with your photos. If it doesn't feel right, it's probably because it wasn't right. That's how I try to do things.

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