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MikeBoyle August 31, 2017
Congratulations on your winning photo. Nice...Very nice
Fallenskies_collection August 31, 2017
Beautiful Work!
pietnel September 05, 2017
Gorgeous love it

let the prince feel power

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the model's studio apartment.
We shot early midday while the sun was high because her window was placed near a high wall. The only available light we could pull in through it would come from a high sun (11am-12pm).
The curtain she had over the window was a sheer white and acted as a diffuser for all the light pouring in. Using what's around you is what makes a photographer flexible enough to get quality photos in any situation. Think on your feet!
I used a Canon 6D, Canon 50mm 1.8, and available light. Editing was done in Lightroom.
This was my first shoot with Veronica. My goal at that moment was to take the coziness of her studio and let it frame a sort of subtle oozing sensuality. She has a natural way about her with photos and being in front of the camera, so I focused on blending all of these elements together; soft layering fabrics, touches of wood, light colors (white, grey), a burst of diffused light, a hint of peeking around a corner, and an outstretched petite pose that makes you feel a sense of dominance and submission.
I edited this one to be very contrast-heavy and shadow-heavy. I had a lot of whites and bright areas in this crop so it was important to bring down those highlights and let the darks dance underneath.
In my camera bag
I keep a very minimal approach to photos. I have my camera body, 1 lens, 1 filter, a few batteries, and some extras for the models (clothespins, hair ties, etc).
Start where you are. I've found over the years that if you try to jump ahead of your skill level, the work looks "trying," it looks weak and loose. If you start where you are, it builds up around you slowly. I've seen my work evolve over the course of the last three years the most because I take each shoot a step at a time towards pushing my image into new boundaries. You'll see a photo like this one in the early lineup of my work and go "oh, he was already on his way there when he shot this, he just didn't know it yet." It all blends seamlessly because I tried my best to not force my photos to fit.

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