On the Broad walk

Broad walk at Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant, SC.

Broad walk at Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant, SC.
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken on the boardwalk at Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Shem Creek is water way leading out to the Atlantic Ocean. It's a wonderful place to watch the sunsets, dolphins, birds and other kinds of wildlife that live near the Ocean. As you walk along the boardwalk at sunset you can look at the shrimp boats and get some great reflections when the water is still.
I was out on a business dinner but I planned on being out of it before the sunset. I wanted to catch the sunset. On this boardwalk you can get some amazing shots of the Ravenel Bridge from afar with the sun setting behind it. During the golden hour you can get some amazing shoots with reflections of the shrimp boats waiting for the morning to go out and get the catch of the day. On this night it was really cloudy above me and no clouds at the horizon and no chance of getting the colors of the sunset.
Since I couldn't get the colors of the sunset I was hoping for; life of a landscape photographer. The clouds were moving I figured it was a great time to get some movement in the clouds overhead and a slight sunset in the way background.
Canon 7d, ND filter, and a remote to avoid camera shake. I didn't use a tripod I laid down and set my camera on the boardwalk to get this shoot.
Being a landscape photographer you are at the mercy of mother nature. With that being said since the sunset was a bust I wouldn't let it get me down. I decided to get low I thought the clouds overhead were interesting and I love the lines being opposite of the clouds then the lines on the rails leading your eye.
I did basic post processing in Lightroom, exposure, color and clarity. Did some haze removing and lighten the wood on the boardwalk.
In my camera bag
I now have a canon 5ds, with my favorite lens Canon 17-40 wide angle lens. I always have my Lee ND filter system with me and my favorite thing is my playta pod it helps me get real down low without setting my camera on the ground. I always have a snack and a garage bag (just in case it rains)
Always try and look at what you are shooting a different level. Don't be afraid to get dirty or wet. I had to be wait for people to stop walking by to get this shoot.

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