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An Empty Street Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
City In The Night Photo ContestTop 30 class week 2
Monochrome Objects Photo ContestTop 10 class
Experimental Underexposure Photo ContestTop 20 class
Nightscapes Photo ContestTop 30 class


Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my hometown called Kielce in Poland.
Shot was taken at 2 a.m. when i was coming to home after long long walk.
I was looking for the best place to get the best lighting, natural one, to show the beauty of this bridge, rather his underground.
In this particular case, i used the tripod to extend timing which is normal during the night shoting.
You need to know something about this shot. It's kind of special for me. I mean, i remember almost every photo i did. I would recognize them everywhere and every time. This one has been taken in my hometown at 2 a.m. when i was coming back to home from the hospital. It was in autumn, 2013. We have spent 1,5 month in the hospital keeping alive my little princess cause of pneumonia. That time that was third night in the raw for me and in the morning i was supposed to go to Cracow where we have been living and i was working. My princess and my wife stayed in the hospital. I could not sleep. How could i??? My head was full of thoughts, the worse one and I was walking and taking photos instead. Just to keep me away of the shit i and my family, we were suffering. My wife was asking me how you can take photos and even think about that while we are not sure our daughter will survive? You are crazy fucking moron she said. She was right, but somehow you need to find a way to do anything to forget about shits to do not go crazy. For me that's photography. To make the story shorter finally doctors find the way to cure my princess and we end-up this shit. I should hate this photo, my wife hates it already, cause every time i am looking on that i am going back immediately to the hospital and beneath this bridge where i was close to go crazy. But in the other hand i like this as well, cause it's a really nice one, a shit situation brought me there but at the end my princess is fully recovered from the shit she was having.
I did choose the black & white configuration to emphasize the beauty of the design of this bridge. I think that B&W is the best to show architecture and its lighting.
In my camera bag
Well, I use my second fellow during my travels means case logic backpack. Nothing special inside. I am not a professional. So, I use one set: NIKON D90 + Sigma 17-70. That's enough. Of course not forgetting about the snacks.
Wherever you go take the camera with you. They are saying that we have golden hours to make the pictures. Maybe, but I do not stick to this so often. Simply, try to make as many shots as possible in every time of the day. You do not need sunny day. Cloudly one is even more interesting. Night as well. Think about the shot before. Living in the same place by some time it is very easy to know when or what happens with the scene you see every day. What crop, position you are going to use. You can easily check it each day and use it for the best shot. That will make your life easier. Do not give up, never. If not this time maybe next, you are living there don't you. Do not lose the opportunity. In this kind of condition, you will have another chance every day, every night. And remember that's not equipment is making you photographer. That's you, only you. Limited equipment is making you more creative. By the way, have a look at the others shots in this competition taken in the magical places. Looking on them i am a little bit jealous cause i am dreaming to see all these places to be able to make my shots. You have San Francisco bridge and many others. And my bridge taken in the small city called Kielce in Poland is competing with them. That's amazing power of photography and imagination. It is showing to everybody that's not a place which is making the photo great. That's photographer and the place. So, go, take the shots and share them with others.

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