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Behind The Lens

The shot was taken on the motor show exhibition (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) in Frankfurt in 2017
I have spent there entire day walking by to get perfect shot waiting for that moment knowing that minute by minute there will be more people and the clean shot will be not possible to be taken. This one was taken in the evening.
I was using let’s say natural light given by artificial light located at the room of course. Looking at the best angle to be able to get the best reflection on the floor. Waiting and waiting when people will disappear in my camera. I did increase ISO to be able to make the shots without flash to reduce signs on the car body and floor.
I did use my old fellow means NIKON D90 and Sigma 17-70. No tripod or any other special tools were used in that case.
I love cars, and love to make the shots of them. However, this time was specific and with the special occasion to see one of the newest cars that year.
A lot. Imagine exhibition and lot of people around each car. It's impossible to get clean shot without any person around the car. Because I do not want to see them on my shot I simply eliminate them by the blackness of the background and part of the floor. I have spent almost 5 hours to eliminate all unwanted figures. Was worth to do it looking on the final result.
In my camera bag
Well, I use my second fellow during my travels means case logic backpack. Nothing special inside. I am not professional. So, I use one set: NIKON D90 + Sigma 17-70. That's enough. Of course not forgetting about the snacks.
If you would like to go on the motor show or anything similar be prepare to spend there every second by waiting for the best moment to get shot without people around the car. Or at least with the limited amount so you can eliminate them later on by the processing. Use increased ISO to eliminate flashes. Try different angles to get the best shot. And shot shot shot shot to be able to choose the best shot later on at home. If not you will be regretting any second you did not spend on that. Do not give up, never. Do not lose the opportunity. You will never have the same condition. And remember that's not equipment who is making you the photographer. That's you, only you. Limited equipment is making you more creative. So, go, take the shots and share them with others.

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