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People's Choice in Art Nudes in Virtual Locations Photo Challenge
Peer Award
tulip123 mlmiller49 Jrtaylor Boud1999 photoABSTRACTION Kerro Nomad27055 +10
Outstanding Creativity
Loekie peternurman Wicked6Media Moises_323 BluidImpressions johnmatthews ArtiztikFoto +5
Absolute Masterpiece
skippy4280 Ambient360 mikeleblanc garryvc jerry19672002 Basciano_Photography tailfin +1
Top Choice
edwardlrose georgehewitson ijusshoot zlimmen EdWoodsonPhotography WelluVirtanen VasiliZ
Superb Composition
bordershots Dacro Lentes vitor guilhermegarcia massiephoto
Magnificent Capture
Ulysees steveyancey
Superior Skill
All Star
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Sexy In Nature Photo ContestTop 30 class
Sexy In Nature Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
Disrupting Depth Photo ContestTop 30 class
Disrupting Depth Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1


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ArtiztikFoto PRO
ArtiztikFoto January 30, 2016
Congratulations to the Winner of People's Choice Award in my first Challenge. I am also awarding a .pdf download of my newest book, ArtiztikFoto's Vintage Showgirls to both winners. Thank you for your participation!

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in studio in Victoria, Canada. For background I used parts of a landscape image I took at Qualicum River, on Vancouver island, Canada.
Well, I shoot best in late mornings, but it is just me. Does not matter when you use strobes in studio. and background was photographed in daylight, I changed in in photoshop later on.
lighting was quite simple in studio. two strobes with smallish, gridded light boxes, to create a fairly hard, but not totally hard light. background wall had another soft light, rather dim, just enough to match it later with dark grays of background I planned to use. That made clipping the front much easier.
I used my Nikon d800 with 24-70 f2.8 lens, tripod, and Profoto D1 strobes.
The lady on photo is my friend and MUA, who requested this photo. Helping me with many shoots, she wanted to model for me for quite a while, and had this concept of holding a chain with key, symbolizing "being your own master". So, we did shoot basically what she asked me to do. I then had free hand in light setting, composing the scene and editing it. So, in this aspect it is a different work from most of my images where I came up with an idea and all details.
As mentioned earlier - I photographed my model twice - but keeping camera on tripod to preserve the same angle. then - after usual lightroom corrections - I had to clip both ladies from studio background, and add the landscape background, which I also had to edit to match the light palette. Rather fun shoot all together.
In my camera bag
To studio I bring my Nikon d800, 24-70 lens, and 20mm lens. then some cables to tether images if needed, remote cable and tripod. Studio lights are heavy, so they stay put there. when I shoot out of studio, I usually have couple more lenses, polarizer filter, gold and blue polarizer, spare batteries, and a light tripod. I sometimes drag with me more equipment, but that makes it on a bit heave side. A flash (sb800), ND filters, sometimes D7100, and a drone with its own gear.
This image consists of several elements - studio shoot with artificial light, photo editing, and a landscape shoot for background. but if I can suggest the most important thing to do such image - it is: plan it well! Think ahead. what light will you use in studio? do you have background image which would fit? or you need to shoot it? remember to try matching lighting and tones of studio shot with background shot, so blending it all will be easier. write down your concept, and think of every element, and make sure they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It will help you avoid stress, and will make your work better. Cheers!

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