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disneymamom December 16, 2015
Again the colors are exquisite in my opinion combined with the shadows on the path entice the looker to enter to find the end. A peaceful walk of retreat and beauty for the eyes maybe sore of the world stuff. Rest, breathe, and it all has a painted effect. In comparison to our life's journey.. the times of solitude needed as we move further to the end of the path to finally see what lies beyond... Not knowing how much further this path will go, I personally tend to go faster knowingly and mentally as time is a gift in itself. Not only is a path ahead, yet a bit of a climb as the shadows can add play to elevation. Go forward and miss not one bit of beauty on the way. As with the tapestry story, so in this even the woods with black have their purpose and all in all, look at this beautiful solemn path. like a picturebook page one can go into for their own story. You know Michael, I have to wonder what others see as a story if at all close to what I see? blessings, Cheryl

Road Less Traveled

An old access road I stumbled upon.
An old access road I stumbled upon.
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