Blue Angles perform manuevers
Blue Angles perform manuevers
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Behind The Lens

This image of the Blue Angel's was taken at the Fox Feild airshow in Lancaster, California. I was there on general admission and took this from ground level. There were a lot of people and a lot of really neat planes. I have a few incredible images from this day.
This was taken in the afternoon when it was very hot out. Post production digitally masks anything about the heat of the day.
I was focused on taking an image that was well composed. I didnt have a lens capable of good detail with the planes so far away. In this case I didnt need good detail in the planes, it's the background and the lines that make this image so bold.
I used a D5100 Nikon and a 24-300 zoom lens by Nikon. I almost always shoot hand held and this was no exception. I believe I had on a standard polarizing filter.
My husband is a pilot and as such we spend much of our time around airports. Aviation fascinates me, however, I am actually pretty worried about flying. Maybe that lends to part of the allure. Anyways, the Blue Angel's are an excellent representation of dedicated crew and our countries defense. Having an artistic image of an iconic symbol of the USA...... well, that's inspiration enough.
Sure did. Like I said, my lens wasnt quite right for a detail shot of the planes. When I got home and was playing with composing the image i liked it but it was still plane jane (pun intended). Blue sky, grey looking aircraft; Not really anything to write home about. I started fiddling with the histogram, clarity and contrast. Pretty soon this image said "Stop. I'm pretty cool like this!"
In my camera bag
Depends on what I am out and about doing but my camera is always a Nikon and i almost always have with me a Tameron 16-300 zoom lens.
Dont be afraid to take lots of photos. Now that we are digital, snap away! Remember to move your feet and dont get fixed on one spot or angle. In this instance I took a boring image and made it extremely original due to post processing. Have fun playing with your images that you bring home and try to use some of the extremes on the editing software to highlight areas in your image that may have otherwise been missed. In other words, dont follow any rules ;-)

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