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Sheeps on hill





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eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden August 31, 2015
Just great!
taraschatz November 13, 2015
This is incredible!
ReneeBlake November 16, 2015
Love this ! Congrats !
davidbidmead December 10, 2015
Congratulations ! Excellent capture.
dalemissen Ultimate
dalemissen October 06, 2022
I love the effect on this exposure or edit. Very unique
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in a area just outside of my town called "The sheep hills", it is only a short drive from my house about 10 minutes so I often a couple of times a week hike around here with my dog Loki.
The image is captured around 7 in the evening, after a whole day of grey and rainy weather. While eating diner I noticed the clouds cleared, so as soon as I was done I grabbed my gear and Loki and we headed out to the hills.
The lightning was just great, the soft warm sun setting and a light steam from evaporating rainwater created such a interesting mood.
I shot the image with my 7D and a 70-200mm @ f/4,0 iso 400 no other gear was used for this shot.
Nature itself is my daily inspiration.
I shoot all my pictures in raw, so not a single image get published without going trough Lightroom and Photoshop. This particular image have gotten some basic adjustment contrast, shadows, brightness an then I leveled the horizon.
In my camera bag
Oh boy. It all depends on the situation and the weather, I rarely plan any trip so I always bring 2 bags so. My Dslr kit which contains a 7D mkII as primary, a 7D backup body some lenses 8mm, 11-16, 50mm, 70-200, some nd filter grads and a nd8 and nd10 . Then I have my drone kit which for photography contains of a Phantom 3 pro with extra battery and nd filters, and a small Fuji X100S for photography on the way to location. The when I find a good location to explore I just grab the kit I want to use and leave the other in the car.
Just take your time and move slow, when I arrived at the hills the day I took this photo it had just rained and the sun had started to warm up the ground and a slight mist was forming, I followed the sheep's around for about an hour until they walked into the frame I had imagined. I have hiked around here a million times and probably photographed these sheep's as many times without getting the image I wanted simply because I rushed and ended up scaring them away.

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