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Behind The Lens

I took the photo on The Royal hunting grounds in Denmark. It was the perfect location and a dream shot for me, I have seen thousands of photos with falling snow and animals so when I saw the group of deer's my mind went crazy and started composing while I was circling them to get the wind in my direction before I started crawling towards them, to get just in the right distance to fill the frame.
The photo was taken near noon on a cloudy day, not my favorite time of day to photograph, but the cloudy and grey weather made the light so beautiful soft.
As described above the clouds made the natural light really soft.
I used a Canon EOS 7D with a 70-200 mm f/2.8L + a sigma 1.4x tele extender.
The millions of great wildlife shots seen on Viewbug :-)
Yes I shoot raw, so every photo I take goes trough post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. This particular photo has been sharpened, and given a little warmth with a yellow warmth filter in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
My bag is packed to the limit, as a amateur photographer I carry a ton because being on a "time limit". Got a Family and a job to go home to, so every time I go out I carry my trustworthy 7D a good range of lenses stretching from 8mm and all the way up to 280mm if you take my extender into consideration. A light weight tripod, flashguns and a 100mm square filter kit. So I am prepared for anything I meet on my photo tours.
Have lots of patience and take your time, prepare your camera so you don't have to start changing lenses when you get into shooting range, also try and estimate your camera settings before moving in on the subjects. See if you can get the wind blowing towards you so the animals wont smell you as easy. And get as low as possible, stop and freeze if they look and slowly continue when they look away again. When I was in position and had taken the first 50 frames of this group I framed up and pressed the shutter and made some noise to get the animals to look my way. one second later they where gone. But If i hadn't this photo hadn't been a finalist.

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