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davidsloan August 30, 2015
Beautiful capture, I love it.
elainezammitduguay August 31, 2015
Thank you! It was very nice to see your gallery, you have some real gems in it! Happy shooting and thanks again! :)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita September 28, 2015
elainezammitduguay October 01, 2015
Thanks again for your generous comments and for visiting my gallery. It is very much appreciated! :)
sweetpea72 November 28, 2015
elainezammitduguay November 30, 2015
Thanks, glad you like it! I loved viewing your gallery, you are very creative! :)
Parallel June 02, 2016
Nice shot! My congratulations!
elainezammitduguay June 02, 2016
Thank you for the generous comments, you are very kind!
joycealicesmith June 02, 2016
Beautiful! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
elainezammitduguay June 05, 2016
Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have won! Happy shooting! :)
livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari June 02, 2016
Beautiful capture. Congratulations!
elainezammitduguay June 05, 2016
Thank you and kudos to you on your gallery it was a pleasure to view. Happy shooting! :)
Betty_A June 03, 2016
Beautiful photo. I love how the red tulips jump off the page. Big Congratulations on your win for The Brightness of Spring.
elainezammitduguay June 05, 2016
Thank you for your thoughtful and generous comments, I really appreciate the encouragement! Happy shooting! :)
jlappen PRO
jlappen November 01, 2016
So eye catching! I love it. Your whole gallery is magnificent.
elainezammitduguay November 01, 2016
Thank you so much for being so generous!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Sam Lawrence Park in Hamilton, Ontario. I love living in Hamilton and having the joy of living on the escarpment. We have so many magnificent views, waterfalls, parks and nature trails.
This photo was taken in the month of May, just as the trees were starting bloom and the tulips were in full bloom. It was taken later in the afternoon.
The lighting was all natural for this photo, which is how I prefer to shoot whenever possible.
I used my Canon EOS REBEL T3i and my 18mm lens to take this photo.
I think it is rather obvious what inspired me to take this photo. It was amazing to watch this mother swan nesting she was so a tentative while the male swan protectively watched over her and their eggs. I was very fortunate to capture the mother turning her eggs to ensure that equal warmth is maintained. It was an inspiring moment to capture and witness. I am so happy to be able to share this photo, and even happier to have been selected as the winner of The Brightness of Spring Photo Challenge….Thank you!
Yes, I did some tweaking in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. First I always like to straighten and crop my photos. Typically if I have taken a decent shot the with camera I try to do minimal adjustments, I will usually adjust the highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity if need be. Then I adjust the sharpening and noise reduction. I pretty much do this for every photo I take to some degree.
In my camera bag
I typically carry 3 cameras in my bag. A Canon EOS REBEL T3i, Canon EOS REBEL T2i and my Waterproof Canon Powershot D20 cameras. I also have 3 lens I carry, an 18 mm, a 55 mm, and 250 mm lens. I also have my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I always carry a minimum of 4 fully charged batteries for either the cameras or for the flash and I also have a battery charger with me just in case. I carry a polarizing filter, a little water spray bottle, lens cleaners and a remote for the cameras. It would be nice to travel a little lighter, but I do want to try and be prepared, just in case that photo opportunity does present itself. Mind you, I do realize I need to start bringing my tripod out with me more.
My advice is just to be observant and respectful of your surroundings and nature. Soak in all the natural and manmade beauty that surrounds us. If you just stop and really take a look, you will see that there is beauty all around us. If I find something I am inspired to shoot, I try playing with the settings and angles of the shot. I can take several shots of a single scene, with an adjustment here and there, or shoot from another perspective. As an amateur photographer I am constantly trying to develop my eye and skills. Most of all I just recommend that you just have fun with your camera and your surroundings!

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