Thirsty Kitty





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35 Comments | Report
Jillybean56 July 20, 2015
I love this photo and that the cat doesn't mind being wet!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer July 26, 2015
kanizkhan July 28, 2015
Very interesting shot! The cat is not scare of the water?
michaelakrempelhoward PRO+
michaelakrempelhoward August 06, 2015
That is something.
adriansart PRO+
adriansart August 09, 2015
Elaine this is priceless love that tongue!
Remraf August 22, 2015
Great shot!
elainezammitduguay August 22, 2015
Thank you so much, Tiger was quite the character.
galinawatson August 25, 2015
I love your shot.What an expression! Well done
elainezammitduguay August 25, 2015
Thanks, Tiger was an original. I was nice to visit your gallery as well....you have some lovely shots! :)
candicemacmillan October 07, 2015
This made me giggle.
elainezammitduguay October 08, 2015
Thank you for your comments Candice and for visiting my gallery! It is very much appreciated! So glad that my Tiger made you giggle! Have a happy day! :)
BigFellaDave November 03, 2015
never seen a cat with a tongue like that,,,great shot
elainezammitduguay November 08, 2015
Tiger was an original....thanks for your comment!
gyrgykomls November 07, 2015
I love this shot...and the wet cat too...congrat...
elainezammitduguay November 08, 2015
Thanks, this is one of my favorite shots. Tiger was unique!
Johnsalterego PRO
Johnsalterego November 17, 2015
Cool Kittie!
elainezammitduguay November 23, 2015
Thank you....I agree! Have a great day! :)
joycealicesmith February 05, 2016
I wish there was a peer award that says "super cute"...because this photo would get hundreds of them!! Superb!
elainezammitduguay February 06, 2016
Aww thanks Joyce! I agree, I think Tiger issuper cute too! Thanks again! Happy shooting! :)
bunnydancesmile February 10, 2016
LOL! That's so funny!
elainezammitduguay February 11, 2016
Thank you, he was a very entertaining cat. Have a great day! :)
Mkarlphoto February 11, 2016
LoL this is awesome. Thank you for the smile.
elainezammitduguay February 12, 2016
He does brighten one's day, just as your comment has...thank you!
gabajo February 21, 2016
Amazing to capture this moment. Great Definition of the action!
elainezammitduguay February 22, 2016
Thank you for your thoughtful comments! My Tiger seems to be a favourite, I guess I am lucky he was thirsty that day. Happy shooting! :)
Ryan2tor March 02, 2016
LOL.....That tongue!
elainezammitduguay March 02, 2016
I agree...That tongue has brought a smile to many a face....thanks for your comment! Happy shooting! :)
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle June 05, 2016
Congratulations on your winning photo. Nice...Very Nice
elainezammitduguay June 08, 2016
Thank you so much Mike! I think my Tiger won the contest more than my skill, either way it is wonderful to have been selected! Thanks again and happy shooting! :)
edj41 PRO+
edj41 July 09, 2016
Must have been a very special boy, I hope you have many happy memories of him!
elainezammitduguay July 10, 2016
Thanks again!! Yes we have many years of memories with our Tiger! Thanks again!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita July 12, 2016
can't stop laughing....thought cats didn't like water LOL
elainezammitduguay July 15, 2016
Tiger was a character...glad you found the humor with this photo.
Beegirl September 05, 2016
Very Nice capture
elainezammitduguay September 06, 2016
Thanks! I have to say this is one of my favorite shots,it brings about lots of different memories of Tiger.
iluv2shoot October 09, 2016
Fantastic capture Elaine!
elainezammitduguay October 11, 2016
Thank you, Tiger was a character. It was a pleasure to view your gallery as well, you have many lovely floral shots and some great captures of lions! Happy shooting and thanks again!
vitor PRO+
vitor April 19, 2017
Very good!
elainezammitduguay April 19, 2017
Thank you and have a great day! :)
JDLifeshots April 19, 2017
Awesome capture! Congrats.
elainezammitduguay April 19, 2017
Thank you again, I appreciate your encouragement! Have a great day! :)
joycealicesmith April 19, 2017
Fantastic!! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
elainezammitduguay April 19, 2017
So glad you like it, I appreciate your comment and encouragement! Happy shooting! :)
meganhaderphotography April 19, 2017
That is a fantastic shot! I wish I had a cat this cool!
elainezammitduguay April 20, 2017
Thank you Megan, yes Tiger was very unique and cool! Thanks again!
jamiesarkett April 19, 2017
congrats - very cool shot :)
elainezammitduguay April 20, 2017
Thanks Jamie, glad you like the shot!
kevinthompson_0359 December 11, 2017
Cats, dont you just love them, I have a photo of my cat Shiva. miss her
elainezammitduguay December 12, 2017
I've always been a cat lover/owner, I just love their independent spirit and distinct personalities. Merry Christmas!
Forrest_Imagery January 01, 2018
Hilarious !!! What an expression !! Absolutely priceless !
The perfect capture !
I'm really surprised to see that this was taken with such a slow shutter speed and still have the definition it does. Hey, whatever works :)
Congratulations on your many, well deserved awards, likes and comments.
I'm so glad you have this image to remind you of your beloved Tiger.
elainezammitduguay January 02, 2018
Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments, I really appreciate it! Happy new year and happy shooting! :)
ChibaBob June 19, 2018
This is such a great shot!!!!
elainezammitduguay June 20, 2018
Thank you so glad you like the photo. Our Tiger was a ham that day so he really should get the credit.
FryImaging August 19, 2018
So unimpressed but so thirsty, haha! Amazing photo!
elainezammitduguay August 20, 2018
Thank you, Tiger was an amazing cat! Have a great day! :)
captjer PRO+
captjer May 19, 2019
What a great shot!
elainezammitduguay May 20, 2019
Thank you so much. It is one of my favorite shots, so I appreciate your appreciate your acknowledgement and comment! Have a great day! :)!
ChrisBPhotography Platinum
ChrisBPhotography October 17, 2019
What a dilemma! The kitty wants a drink of water but hates being sprayed with water. Wonderful expression! Wonderful capture!
elainezammitduguay October 17, 2019
Thanks so much for comments! Yes, Tiger and this picture has captured many wonderful responses.
SmallTownKatt Platinum
SmallTownKatt May 12, 2020
Thank you for joining my challenge, and good luck. Katt
elainezammitduguay May 13, 2020
Thank you for hosting the challenge Katt and for giving us an opportunity to display our photos. Good luck picking a winner!
Eduardbetz PRO+
Eduardbetz Jan 29
Great capture !
Thanks a bunch!
i love cat , yours is special and the phto is marvellous très bien
Thank you! I love cats as well and our Tiger certainly was unique.

Behind The Lens

I took this photo just outside my home on my driveway.
It taken mid afternoon around 2ish on a hot June day.
The lighting was all natural for this photo.
I used my Canon EOS REBEL T2i and my 55mm lens to take this photo.
I was inspired to take this photo by my cat Tiger. It was hilarious to watch him drink from the hose that day, he really couldn't get enough water. Unfortunately for us we didn't realize that Tiger was very sick and he past away 3 months later. Tiger was old and had a great life with us and he was our beloved pet. I will always treasure these photos of him drinking from the hose that day. I am so happy to be able to share this photo and have our Tiger immortalized! I am thrilled that this photo of Tiger has been selected as the winner of Character Cats Photo Challenge ….I sincerely thank you!
Yes, I did some tweaking in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. First I always like to straighten and crop my photos. Typically if I have taken a decent shot with the camera I will usually adjust the highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity if need be. Then I adjust the sharpening and noise reduction. I pretty much do this for every photo I take to some degree.
In my camera bag
I typically carry 3 cameras in my bag. A Canon EOS REBEL T3i, Canon EOS REBEL T2i and my Waterproof Canon Powershot D20 cameras. I also have 3 lens I carry, an 18 mm, a 55 mm, and 250 mm lens. I also have my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I always carry a minimum of 4 fully charged batteries for either the cameras or for the flash and I also have a battery charger with me just in case. I carry a polarizing filter, a little water spray bottle, lens cleaners and a remote for the cameras. It would be nice to travel a little lighter, but I do want to try and be prepared, just in case that photo opportunity does present itself. Mind you, I do realize I need to start bringing my tripod out with me more.
My advice is just to be observant and always have a camera close at hand, you just never know when that Kodak moment will present itself. Most of all I just recommend that you just have fun with your camera and your surroundings!

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