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10 Comments | Report
Steve_Thomas February 02, 2016
Congratulations on your winning photo!
ElaineZD February 02, 2016
Thanks so much! I am very happy this shot was selected. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my gallery! Happy shooting! :)
bobdee February 02, 2016
Congratulations!!!....fantastic composition
ElaineZD February 02, 2016
A nice surprise this morning to find out this photo won. I am glad that you like it, thanks again! Happy shooting! :)
Joanna101 February 02, 2016
This is a spectacular composition. Congratulations on being chosen.
ElaineZD February 02, 2016
Thank you!!! And kudos to you on your gallery, you have some really great shots! Happy shooting! :)
gabajo February 21, 2016
Stunning Capture! So Deserving of Recognition! :-)
ElaineZD February 22, 2016
Thanks again, so glad that you like it! :)
Joykaye March 05, 2016
Simply beautiful, this photo and your portfolio.
ElaineZD March 06, 2016
Thank you for your comment and for visiting my gallery! It is very encouraging! You have some lovely shots too! Happy shooting! :)
Nitka March 29, 2016
Awesome capture! Could look at it for hours!...:-)
ElaineZD March 29, 2016
Thank you again, I love Mdina....I hope to go back again and take even better pictures. :)
Flosno March 30, 2016
Beautiful image.....you entered thin into a challenge that I created, but for some reason VB have not acknowledged anyone as a winner.........in my mind this is a winner.......CONGRATULATIONS
JDLifeshots April 05, 2016
Very unique angle and capture! Congrats.
ElaineZD April 06, 2016
Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! I am thrilled that this shot was selected. Happy shooting! :)
Flosno April 09, 2016
Congratulations on this win....beautiful
ElaineZD April 10, 2016
I am so thrilled to have one....thank you so much! Happy shooting! :)
ElaineZD April 11, 2016
It is always encouraging to have the recognition...thanks again so very much!
MsElaine May 17, 2017
ElaineZD May 18, 2017
Thank you, I am so glad you like it Rebecca and thank you for visiting my gallery. It was a pleasue to visit your gallery as well. Happy shooting! :)
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on the beautiful island of Malta, while attending my cousin's wedding. The venue gave us an impressive and different vantage point of Mdina the Silent City built by the Knights of St. John.
This photo was taken in the afternoon, in the month of May.
The lighting was all natural for this photo.
To take this photo I used my Canon EOS REBEL T2i and my 250 mm lens.
The view and scenery was spectacular!
Yes, I did some tweaking in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. First I always like to straighten and crop my photos. Typically if I have taken a decent shot with the camera, I will usually adjust the highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and clarity if need be. I also tend to tweak the vibrancy and saturation, and then I adjust the sharpening and noise reduction.
In my camera bag
I typically carry 3 cameras in my bag. A Canon EOS REBEL T3i, Canon EOS REBEL T2i and my Waterproof Canon Powershot D20 cameras. I also have 3 lens I carry, an 18 mm, a 55 mm, and 250 mm lens. I also have my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I always carry a minimum of 4 fully charged batteries for either the cameras or for the flash and I also have a battery charger with me just in case. I carry a polarizing filter, a little water spray bottle, lens cleaners and a remote for the cameras. It would be nice to travel a little lighter, but I do want to try and be prepared, just in case that photo opportunity does present itself. Mind you, I do realize I need to start bringing my tripod out with me more.
My advice is to always have a camera on hand, you just never know when a Kodak moment will present itself. Always try to be observant and respectful of your surroundings and nature. Soak in all the natural and manmade beauty that surrounds us. If you just stop and really take a look, you will see that there is beauty all around us. If I find something I am inspired to shoot, I try playing with the settings and angles of the shot. I can take several shots of a single scene, with an adjustment here and there, or shoot from another perspective. As an amateur photographer I am constantly trying to develop my eye and skills. Another thing that I have learned along the way is that no matter how good a photographer you are or aren't, you can always tweak a picture with post photo-editing programs. But there is a fine line between tweaking and over doing the adjustments. But then again, it is all a matter of personal taste and your personal artistic expression. Most of all I just recommend that you just have fun with your camera and your surroundings!

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