Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon, Utah un-edited

This is a photo of the Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon, taken from the Inspiration Point lookout. This is an un-edited photo.

Though the name tend...
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This is a photo of the Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon, taken from the Inspiration Point lookout. This is an un-edited photo.

Though the name tends to be misleading, Natural Bridge is one of several natural arches in Bryce Canyon and creates a beautiful scene at this viewpoint. This arch, sculpted from some of the reddest rock of the Claron Formation (rich in iron oxide minerals), poses a stark contrast to the dark green of the Ponderosa forest that peeks through the arch from the canyon below.

Bridges form through the erosion of rock by streams or rivers. This window or arch formed from a combination of processes. Frost wedging, the expanding of cracks in rock as water turns to ice, weakened the rock. Dissolution, the chemical dissolving of rock by rainwater, chewed away at the top and sides of this wall of rock. Finally gravity pulled loose the weakened pockets of rock at the center creating the hole you see. Thus, Bryce Canyon's 'bridges', including Natural Bridge, are spectacular examples of arches that, like the hoodoos, are constantly at risk of destruction as the forces of erosion continue to wear the rock away.

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carolcardillo PRO+
carolcardillo July 09, 2015
Beautiful scenery and an especially good shot done with no editing.
1Ernesto July 10, 2015
This composition is a product of many wonderful photographers such as yourself giving me suggestions and guidence. The little bit of vine in the left bottom corner and the cliff going almost to the top of the right hand corner offer so much to the overall. Thanks for the "Superb Composition" peer recognition.
valeriemurchie-stolpe July 10, 2015
What a wonderful capture of beautiful scenery.
1Ernesto July 10, 2015
Thanks for the wonderful compliment! This was one of about 20 different shots from different POV that just seemed to work both in depth of field and framing.
cahyman July 14, 2015
Fine composition
1Ernesto July 15, 2015
Thank you for the wonderful compliment and peer recognition.
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