Left behind 2 !!!!!!





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beezley68 April 27, 2015
Great pic Eric!!
sweetpea72 April 27, 2015
I love it, the side view is perfect with them angry clouds.... Btw... Likin the new profile pic (:
Bazz PRO+
Bazz May 08, 2015
Fabulous. Love the edit.
NanaSue54 PRO+
NanaSue54 May 11, 2015
FABULOUS!!!!! :)
sweetpea72 April 03, 2016
Yayyyy... Congrats, Erick!! ت
erickgarza April 03, 2016
Thanks a bunch, Mel!!!!!
Bazz PRO+
Bazz April 03, 2016
Congratulations on Finalist in HDR Cars Only Photo Contest for April, 2016. Well deserved!!! Good Luck!
erickgarza April 03, 2016
Thanks so much, Cher.
frenchiepooh May 02, 2016
whish the left behind was in my driveway ; ) Sublime shot
AnneDphotography July 25, 2016
wow, I wish there where more of these here in Canada ! :)
Witmar September 09, 2016
good shot
sarahdarvill February 27, 2017
You should enter this in my Metallic Objects photo challenge! The link is:
sarahdarvill February 27, 2017
Erny May 09, 2018
bobbytaylor71 PRO
bobbytaylor71 December 04, 2018
Yes a definite "Wow" Image/capture ...Outstanding POV, amazing detail and clarity of focus. A skillfully well crafted image.
renesphotography December 07, 2018
nice shot! great edit!
allenmann December 17, 2019
Love this shot!

Behind The Lens

The love for abandonment, gives me the motivation to drive the back roads, to keep looking for this amazing places and objects left behind. And that is exactly why i named this picture " left behind " the shot was taken along Hwy 36 near Wilton, ND.
Driving the back roads lead to an abandoned farmstead. I remember was a very cold, rainy morning. i spotted the place from a distance, And start thinking of how great the scene looked.
When i saw the place from a distance, many ideas came across my mind, but what really got my attention for composition purposes, was the development of the clouds, coming to where i wanted. After a few test shots, found my ideal composition for this particular scene.
I used my always trusty, Nikon D7100, with a 18-200 nikor 3.5-5.6 g, handheld.
Initially my idea was take pictures of the abandoned farmstead, and a beautiful barn was my focal point for a moment. Then... walking around the property, suddenly i stopped and there she was a few feet away from me, i was totally captivated for the whole scene behind this beauty. The magnificent clouds , rolling in definitely add to the shot, but i knew the car itself was enough focal point to make a great composition. And this is the reason why i loved abandonment, to recreate the story untold, behind an object.
Typically i shoot raw, and there's instances where i use bracketing for three shots to merge them together. for this particular picture i only use one shot, and send it to LR and photomatix after, for an HDR look.
In my camera bag
I always have with me a tripod, and for a short trip like in this case, i will bring the amazing Nikon D7100, my inseparable 18-200 nikor 3.5- 5.6 g, A wide angle lens, a 50mm , and a macro.
I have learned that, no matter where you go. It's always a good idea have your camera with you. Has been situations where opportunity comes once, and if you let it go, its gone. And the other hand it is useful to be prepared, having all your equipment ready to go. That means batteries charged, couple cards ready, and keep them safe. In my case i typically drive with somebody else just for safety precautions, and obviously we have the same interest. But our safety always have to be priority. thanks for reading and keep shooting away.

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