House of the rising Sun by aaronjgroen
Faint Light  by MarshallLipp
South Dakota Sunrise by AllScapesPhoto
Innerworkings  by Amanda_Wakefield
Fear **  by aaronjgroen
The art of natural light by Amanda_Wakefield
Laugavellir by Iceland
burnt by reneevonmorren
 abandoned but not  uninhabited by krisflament
Turf and Stones by BRIN
Your Cat's Band Photo by kinoalyse
Left behind 2 !!!!!! by erickgarza
house in the field by djamesbarr
Fenced In by hartmanc10
Winter Evening by liasimcox
House of Lightning by TheSeeker
A Dark and Stormy Place by aaronjgroen
A beautiful night!!!! by erickgarza
Lost in time!!!!! by erickgarza
Weathered and Worn by MsJudi
Night Prowler by RyanWunsch
Dark Mirror by aaronjgroen
Decaying farming property by Nikon_Abandoned_
Stories by paulmullin
Sun setting over Stephanstown House by jackclarke
What Once Was ... by aaronjgroen
Abandoned house by Sanmi
The House on The Hill by aaronjgroen
Mending Fences by nina050
Past  by Structor
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