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here comes the rain!!!!!





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Capture-Life December 09, 2014
Incredible sky and blues !!! 8) i looove the rain!
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 December 12, 2014
wicked cool shot! ")
dareco PRO+
dareco March 09, 2015
NanaSue54 PRO
NanaSue54 March 10, 2015
Gorgeous!! Voted Abandoned Places Contest Good luck!
fairyLait March 16, 2015
congrats on being contest Finalist!! Great shot!
dareco PRO+
dareco March 16, 2015
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 March 16, 2015
Yeah... So Proud of u.. congrats!!! ")
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 June 12, 2016
Im so happy for u my awesome sweet friend... シ シ

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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken, along hwy 14, just a couple miles, from Wing, ND.
It was a cold afternoon, around 4:00 pm and driving along Hwy 14, looking for interesting places to shoot. I remember driving around with very little success, not knowing the area, and a bit frustrated but understanding this is part of the trade or the process !!!! After quite a few miles driving this road, I passed this small town, Wing, ND and just after a couple miles from a distance I spotted this farmstead, and decide to make a quick stop and see what this could be offered to my sight!!!
What it caught my attention immediately was, the mood of the scene, a dark cold day, stormy looking, with the clouds moving around very rapidly due to the high winds at the moment. I spent sometime trying different angles and warming up cause it was very cold, but knowing how much I was loving that scene!!! So after a few shots I felt good about what I had, and finish.
I only use my camera, ( nikon d 5100 ) with a lens kit 18-55 mm hand held,
The scene I saw from a distance, the dark stormy clouds, very heavy moving pretty fast and the old abandoned house sitting out there in the farmstead. It was a very nostalgic moment, thinking about the people who lived there, raising a family, the hard work they put into their land, trying to feed their family, And that's the beauty in abandonment, the unknown history, the perception you have with just to look at the place. much more than just an old building.
At this moment I was shooting in JPEG, I adjusted the colors in lr, and eventually after sometime I decide the bring it in an HDR software and give it the final look!!!
In my camera bag
I usually carry in my bag two cameras, a nikon d 5100 , a nikon d 7100, a tamrom zoom lens 70-300mm, wide angle lens tamron 10-24mm, a tamron 90 mm macro Lens, tamron 18-270mm, a Nikon 50mm, polarized filters, ring flash, gorillapod tripod, a gitzo tripod.
To me........ the most essential part of the abandoned buildings, is how you percibed the place, I only see beauty in this places, and that helps me to compose a shot!! See the history of it even though you don't know it!!! The decay, the peeling paint, the light switches, the door knobs, etc, everything is part of the history of the house, of the building, of the people who once flourished in that place, in that house, in that land!!!!!!

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