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richardjackson April 21, 2015
brilliant photo
rogercampeau April 26, 2015
Awesome capture !! :-)
jimhelmick May 21, 2015
Wonderful photo. Never seen birds so colorful on water.
vbFMILLINES229181 June 09, 2015
Thank you fredstein, very beautiful colors
shema June 15, 2015
so vibrant! beautiful
kkat August 21, 2015
Magnificent Capture! Outstanding.
Are these ducks from China??
Flybeachgirl January 16, 2016
So colorful. Very nice !
purpleshutter January 16, 2016
Beautiful photo!
vickitidball January 16, 2016
sandytoes34287 January 16, 2016
I have never seen such beautifully colored birds. They are living works of art! Remind me of a Wood Duck... Thanks for sharing. Sandy
ewangilmour January 16, 2016
Loving the colours! There's another super photo in here with the top duck alone.
GentleSoul444 January 17, 2016
Cool! I've never seen quite like it. I have to see 'em next time I go to Bejing.
debalways21 January 17, 2016
sweetest_syn11 January 21, 2016
Absolutely beautiful.
TraciLPowell January 24, 2016
This picture caught my eye very quickly. Perfect.
jacquesvanwyk January 29, 2016
Like a painting - awesome photo !
artemiopascua January 30, 2016
beautiful contrast and composition
hectorcormack February 01, 2016
Lovely .. incredible colours ...
ZachEddy February 14, 2016
Achiever April 15, 2016
Amazing Colorful Couple !!! thanks fredstein... am following your posts from now.
adavies December 07, 2016
So pretty! Great capture! Would love to see one of these guys in person sometime...they're so beautiful! :)
leslie57 July 22, 2017
Wow..had to look real close to see if they are real !!!
redsponge September 03, 2017
Double wow! What species of bird is this?

Mandarin Ducks





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Behind The Lens

These beautiful male mandarin ducks was taken at Beihai Park in Beijing, China.
It was a cold, snowy, December Day, right at 5:00 pm.
The day was heavily overcast. Photo was taken with ambient light at 1/250 sec, f/5.6, ISO 1600.
For this shot I was using a Nikon D-7000 DSLR, paired with an 18-300mm les without flash or tripod.
These were the most colorful ducks I had ever seen and was mesmerized with them plating in the icy water during a snowstorm.
I did some minor cropping to bring in the detail of the ducks colors.
In my camera bag
During this trip I was carrying Nikon D7000 and Nikon D50 cameras. Normally I carry two cameras, a Nikon SB-5000 flash and a tripod.
Don't be timid with the weather... be ready to do some walking away from the main crowd, and exercise patience when waiting for the shot, especially with wildlife.

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