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Behind The Lens

I took it on a Suburb Street Fair in Wellington New Zealand
It was about 3 PM, very nice cloudless day.
Settings were ISO 800, Aperture priority on F9, exposure automated to 1/1000 s.
Canon EOS 6d, Tamron 70-300, no extra equipment.
I just wanted to take pictures of people, being happy and celebrating whatever they just felt like. Perfect on such a fair.
This one did'nt need post processing, apart from converting from RAW to JPG
In my camera bag
A lot more than that day. Usually I prefer dark environment, like night shots, which makes a tripod essential. Apart from that and my EOS 6d, I have a 14 mm Samyang fisheye, a 15 mm sigma fisheye, 24 mm and 50 mm Sigma ART lenses, Canon 24-105, Tamron 70-300 and 150-600 lens, RC remote, 2 different flashes, several torches in several colors... A ND filter and a star filter... etc...
Use Aperture priority mode, in such bright light go for f8-ish, set ISO to around 800, and tale lots of shots. In Av mode the cam chooses the exposure quite well usually, and many pics grant you lots of different expressions even from the same subject. Street Photography isn't my usual field, but I learned to take mant shots and later chose the best ones. One more thing, don't try to shoot directly into the light source, unless you want to achieve a certain silhouette effect. In those settings you will get just this or a extremely blown out light if you aim directly into the light source.

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