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Lazicats PRO+
Lazicats July 28, 2022
How do you do this? One is blurred or wispy with another part clear and focused. I am very much an amateur and can't even imagine how it would be done. And I've only used a point and shoot Nikon which is pretty limited. Your photos capture the imagination and take one into a fantasyland. Love it thanks!
indi001 July 28, 2022
Hiya, this 'blurry' effect is due to the clouds moving in the wind during a long exposure. I thinl this was some 20 seconds of exposure, camera on a sturdy tripod and shot via remote trigger. Triggering by hand would slightly shake the camera, causing the stars to get a trail.
indi001 July 28, 2022
This is also a fisheye lens, 15mm, allowing exposures up to 30 seconds without star trailing. A 24 mm lens would go to a maximum of 10-15 seconds before the star movement shows. A point and shoot won't allow for such images, so you might want to upgrade at some point. Point and shoot are good to practice your composition though, and practice depth of field etc. This one was very very early work of mine, with my first full frame dslr. 😊
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