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DeonHamilton November 09, 2018
hey buddy :-) well done
auxgen4 Platinum
auxgen4 July 22, 2019
Pleasantly NICE and well done.
indi001 PRO+
indi001 July 23, 2019
thank you
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken on the waterfront in Wellington, New Zealand. It's part of a series I took with my friend modelling for me on a casual walk.
This was late afternoon, the sun (to the right) just about to vanish behind the hills of wellington, on a clear day.
Due to the sun being about to set, the light was less harsh and much warmer than maybe one hour earlier. New Zealand has especially strong sun light (hence we often use sun screen even in winter). This results in very strong colors and contrast, which can be tricky for portraits.
This was shot on a Canon 6d mk1, with a Sigma 50 mm F1.4 ART lens. No extra equipment.
I always try to find new subjects and techniques to shoot and I like challenges. When I sot this image, I was playing with natural light portraits on minimal gear. Coming more from landscape and seascape photography, this was some challenge. Although I'm used to natural light conditions around landscapes, I wanted to find out if/how I can apply this to portraits.
This one didn't need much post processing. I merely reduced the highlights a bit and slightly corrected shadows.
In my camera bag
By now I have 5 different Canon bodies and about 8 lenses. I try to keep the gear in my bag to a minimum, but it depends on what I intend to shoot. All of my camera bodies fit pretty much most situations, but my lenses vary from super-wide-angle to super-zoom. So if I go out with a model like in this session, I'd take a 50mm or my now preferred Canon 70-200 mm F2.8 lens with me.
Casual walks are a great way to learn, especially for natural portraits or street photography. You can learn the theory behind it, but the most important part is continuous practice. Use friends or family or your pets to go out and shoot in different light conditions. Take some all-round lens with you to be able to adjust to different distance and lighting. Prime lenses are great, but their abilities can be a bit limited outside a studio.

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