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The Drover





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tonybruguiere May 12, 2015
Wonderful body of work. I enjoyed them all!
Remraf September 26, 2015
Great shot!
p_eileenbaltz September 26, 2015
This is such a beautiful moment! Excellent work.:) Congratulations on your feature.:)
SteveHphotos September 28, 2015
Very nice photo, really get the spence of being there
SteveHphotos September 28, 2015
sundowngaited PRO+
sundowngaited October 07, 2019
Virtuoso! I have been on horse rides that this gorgeous photo sent me back to.

Behind The Lens

This image was photographed as part of a series I did on a Droving family in the outback Queensland, Australia.
It was late afternoon and the drovers were moving the cattle to the night area when a section of the herd broke and headed back to the bush. I ran on foot after this drover as he caught up to the cattle and slowly turned them. The steer in the background decided he was better off turning back tot he herd.
Late afternoon light made for the perfect angle through the dust.
This image was taken on a Canon 5D MkI with a Sigma 50-500 lens.
The rugged lifestyle and long hours endured by the Australian drovers is nothing short of incredible. Many never see them in their lifetime but so many should just to learn what is really important in life. The livestock of rural Australia are dying fast in the worst drought ever seen, so where possible many are taken to the long paddock (which means taking the stock out to graze on the roadside, often covering many hundreds of kilometers at a time). The drovers live with the herd day and night.
Very little processing was done. No cropping, just a slight levels and hue adjustment.
In my camera bag
I normally carry a range of gear depending on the occasion. A Canon 5D MkIII, 70-200 F4.0, 17-40 F4.0 are always my starting point. Then I add a couple of flashes, more bodies and lenses and accessories as needed.
Always watch and learn from your subject...only then can you be ready for those spur of the moment images like this. If you want to capture the true Drover...be prepared to get really dirty and cover a lot of ground on foot as well as climb a lot of trees (or trains) to get the really good angles.

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