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kjer_mariano October 29, 2015
very dope
p_eileenbaltz October 29, 2015
Extraordinary work! Congratulations on your feature.:)
samuelnunez October 29, 2015
Chasingthelight_67 October 29, 2015
Stunning work. Congratulations!
Aspirephotography1 PRO+
Aspirephotography1 March 28, 2019

Behind The Lens

This photo is a really intimate one. It was taken in my home in Budapest, so the location was my livingroom :)
I remember waking up having this idea, this image in my head, about a body just floating in a room in the dark, while the light is coming in through the windows. Kinda like just before being born. So i jumped out of bed and started preparing immediately. Luckily it was a bright sunny morning so i had the perfect natural lighting for the shot.
Well most lights on the image are natural lights. Some of them are enhanced in the post-processing of the image. For example i over-exposed the windows so you don't see any details through them.
I used my Canon 6d with 28-70mm Tamron lens. Unfortunately i didn't have my tripod with me so i had to improvise and used a chair and some thick books instead. :D
It's really complex. Where do ideas come from anyways? I was going through tough times back then, and finally i started feeling better. It felt like being reborn. These emotion based images often occur in my head, and if i find them expressive, i try to make a photo out of it, getting it out of my system.
Of course, that is my favourite part of the process. Sometimes i spend hours and hours only on one picture experimenting with different color grading. Besides that, i added some contrast here and there, and i also had to remove the table i was sitting on in the original picture.
In my camera bag
I like to keep things simple and have as less equipment as possible. Just a camera with a zoom lens and a fix 50mm. Sometime i pack my flash just in case.
I have been experiencing with jumping-floating type of images for quite some time now and i have to say it's defenitely not as hard as it looks like. First you need a picture of the background. Then you use the exact same setting (go full manual mode) with the model sitting on a table/chair or something like that. Then you have to cut him/her out and paste it in the background picture. The key is to pull your weight up -if that makes sence. Don't sit casually, the body has to be tense with the muscles showing you are not relaxed. Have fun experimenting! :)

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