annetteflottwell February 20, 2015
excellent light and tones, great pose
kathymuhle May 03, 2015
Love this photo - voted Shadows
Q-Vision May 11, 2015
Perfect use of light to bring out the character. B&W work is excellent.
annalisaaa June 08, 2015
love it!
billiefromthebeach January 16, 2016
awesome, simply an awesome piece of work!!!
Sensei January 27, 2016
Thank you for the kind words.
janetcannon February 29, 2016
This picture tells a great story. I love it!
Sensei February 29, 2016
Thank you. He was a great subject.
Albert-Serra-Photography April 27, 2016
A masterpiece indeed. Please join my challenge Passionate About B&W.
wowthing2 Jan 12
love the shot...........awesome lighting.............nicely done...hope tobe that good one day! Beautiful
Sensei Jan 12
thank you for the nice complement. It is like most things is takes time and practice. I average over 50000 images a year.
raymond759 Jan 12
Gritty and realistic. Lighting superb. Fantastic shot.
Sensei Jan 12
Thank you

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Dec, 2014

Does Not Play Well With Others

Does Not Play Well With Others Black and White

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Won Contest Finalist in Eye To Eye Portraits Photo ContestJanuary, 2017
Won FeaturedJune, 2016
Winner in Black and White Portrait Photography Photo ChallengeApril, 2016
Won Contest Finalist in Got Lookability Headshot Photo ContestApril, 2015
Won People's Choice in Best black and white portrait Photo ChallengeApril, 2015

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Behind The Lens

My studio
evening shoot
One soft-box
Canon 7D 60 mm 1/1 Macro
Viewbug was the ispuration for this image. I was looking at the hall of fame photos and ran across this great portrait of a man with a long red beard. I want to to my best to recreate the image with my own twist. I got on the phone and dialed up one of the local bikers. We had a great time doing the shoot. I was happy to be able to capture his personality.
Light room I pumped up the contrast added some red and made it a black and white.
In my camera bag
7D 10-17mm 70-200mm 60 mm a couple flashes
Find a good subject. Lots of stories in this face.

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