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“As I will shortly have to confront humanity with the heaviest demand ever made of it, it seems to me essential to say who I am”. With this sentence Nietzsc...
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“As I will shortly have to confront humanity with the heaviest demand ever made of it, it seems to me essential to say who I am”. With this sentence Nietzsche begins his last and most controversial book, and thus it also seems good to me to present myself to you today. Yes, I speak with you, skeptic artists-to-be that perhaps are lounging in your sofas! I, the Spirit of Light, still am here, so new and so magnificent as any of your capricious sorrows, which are also mine. You can now look at me, you can shot me, you can even mock or marvel at my words. They will be no more nor less than yours. Laborious, wealthy, cynical and clever fill the world. “Useful” people that from his arrogant positions do not want to hear anything about thinking different, about new projects. “Sensible” men that bring the “no” inside their bowels, always ready to unsheathe it against any exigent idea. Happy them and that life be prosperous and thriving! The creative people have chosen a dangerously daring life and all what you want is hoist the sails. And you laugh heartily at those who try to turn you into quiet people, gentrified. Because you well know that all creative work disappears for who are comfortable. Throw away your conceited clothes, stripping off their solitude, and offer yourself full of freedom to the world. Demolish the earth with your shots galloping after the twilight of your crying, filling the air with the smell of fire of your many and curious story telling shots. I announce it: you will be one of the greatest works of the universe. Look. Remain vigilant. Do not sleep. Come on, wake up! Don’t you listen the glory of your time? It's coming, and this Spirit of Light that encourages you will grow and grow up to the infinity. Do not chase the spectacle. Just learn to contemplate the Light in the solitude of your heart, for is about yours of what I speak. Again I say: Look at you, isn’t it wonderful your greatness? Remember that I told you: "You will be great." Come to me those of you who love the risk and you will not forget it. Travel from wherever you refine the gold of your lives. Offer it to the rest of the world and it will produce an infinite profitability. I repeat, do not sleep! Let that nap to those prudent that do not know love. Find the Light will be find yourselves. But if your reverence for this Spirit collapses, beware that a statue do not crush you! Yes, I have it resolved: together we will dazzle the man, will show our universe; we will give life to this time and will create our world. And we will be superb because will be new. We will annihilate useless and moldy forms, useless because they are not from here, moldy because they have already died. We, who are indeed from now –I promise–, will shot today and tomorrow, whenever new stories, and will leave you stunned with the glory of your own hour. Sooner or later you will know the greatness of which I speak, that is of all of you. It cannot be the other way, because my fate and yours is infinitely supreme. So it must be, as long as you so want. For this has been disposed therein.
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