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Grand Jury Winner
Polaroid Cube Action Camera
350 Reward Points
Lost In The Fog Photo Contest
People's Choice
Polaroid Cube Action Camera
350 Reward Points
Lost In The Fog Photo Contest
Amateur Winner
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Aluminum Mono Pod
350 Reward Points
Lost In The Fog Photo Contest
Lost In The Fog Photo Contest
Joao Carlos
I take inspiration from all types of sources, there are so many artists that inspire me, but sometimes it may just be a single image. If I have to name some I guess this would be the list: Meisel, Klein, Roversi , Solve Sundsbo, Mario Testino, Lebowitz, and it goes on and on. My biggest influences are from cinema such as Kubrick, Godard, David Lynch, Hitchcock, Roger Deakin, Janusz Kaminski, Christopher Doyle and the great painting Masters such as Caravaggio, Sorrola, Gustave Courbet or Vermer just to name a few
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What photos should I share in this contest?
Share photos showing items hiding behind the fog
When is the last day to participate?
What is the total value of the prize?
The total prize value is $300 plus the bragging rights. Prizes are delivered through Amazon and cash prizes are sent via Paypal.
How many submissions are there in the contest?
There are 1,925 submissions.
What happens with the ownership of the photo I share in the contest?
You always maintain all the rights to your photos. By entering the contest you accept VIEWBUG's terms of use. AI generated images are not elegible to win.
"Receiving a prize I would say it is always an amazing feeling"
- vladgeorgescu

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