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PatricaK November 04, 2014
scary, but awesome
mike17 March 02, 2015
overuse of the toothbrush? ....... great shot
PhotoDave July 15, 2015
tanyabrentar July 06, 2016
omgosh i will be seeing this face in my nightmares lol great photo!
jollyk1 July 28, 2016
Lovin' this
adavies September 05, 2017
E ..but really well! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Make a Mess portrait challenge:)
adavies September 05, 2017
Supposed to say Ewww, not E :)

Fredericksburg Zombie Walk 2014 3





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken during the 2014 annual Fredericksburg Zombie Walk held in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
The Zombie Walk was held on a chilly, overcast day in November. I staged myself at the finish line of the walk, just as the zombies were coming into Hurkamp Park for the closing ceremony at around 3:00 PM. This point gave me an advantage as there was a traffic light that allowed small groups of "zombies" to cross the street a time making it easier to interact with individuals prior to them crossing which resulted in better individual shots.
This image was shot with natural light as there was no room for any additional lighting setup on the street during the Zombie Walk.
This was shot with a Nikon D7100 with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens. No additional equipment was used.
The annual Fredericksburg Zombie Walk provides a chance for me to pull myself out of my comfort zone of nature and landscape photography and practice interacting with people in a fun way while also supporting local charities. The zombies stay in character during the walk through historic Fredericksburg, Virginia interacting with locals and spectators along the way. From where I was located, I could get the attention of the zombies across the street and interact with them prior to them crossing over. As the light changed and they moved toward me, I would shoot from a low angle and many would come right over me staring down at me right into the lens!
This photo was minimal in post-processing. A bit of a crop, a slight vignette, and a small boost to saturation added to the drama of the shot.
In my camera bag
My camera goes with me everywhere, everyday. You never know when the opportunity to capture something fantastic is going to present itself, so it is best to always be prepared. Inside my Lowepro Flipside 400AW backpack you will always find my Nikkor 50mm 1.8 attached to my D7100 with a fresh battery pack. Beside it I keep my Nikon 24mm AI, a vintage find that I could not live without now. This manual focus prime has taught me more about photography than I could ever explain in one paragraph! In addition, I also have my Nikon 55-300mm that I use to shoot local wildlife and cars at the local racetrack. Along with my camera and lenses, I keep a Lenspen DSLR Pro Kit, a Giottos Rocket Blaster, a Hoya circular polarizer and an assortment of memory cards.
Most importantly, have fun with the participants! The more fun you have with them, the more they will interact leading to better shots. Try to find somewhere that you can shoot from a low angle. This allows them to get right in your face (lens) leading to a more sinister view that really puts the viewer in a "victim's" perspective! Adjust your aperture and ISO to allow a fast enough shutter speed for handheld shots while also maintaining enough depth of field for the zombie's face. Lastly, be mindful of the background and use it to your advantage to tell a story when possible. Zombie Walks provide a great opportunity to shoot the participants interacting with spectators, which opens up the opportunity for catching candid reactions that sometimes make the best shots!

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