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A Hard Day

My dirty faced grandson

My dirty faced grandson
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kspeckman March 03, 2016
so darn cute!
JDLifeshots March 14, 2016
Great shot! Congrats.

Behind The Lens

I took this at my sister's home in a small town called McRae, Arkansas. It is a photo of my one and only grandson, Skylar. So needless to say, he is the subject in many of my photographs! I am very proud of this little fellow!
This photo was taken on one mid Summer afternoon. A little bit leaning towards the late afternoon to prevent harsh shadows.
Since I prefer natural lighting, I didn't use any kind of flash. I love the look of natural light so my light source always comes from Nature's beautiful lighting.
I shot this with my Nikon D3300.. I was using one of my zoom lens on all manual setting. Since I have three zoom lens, I can't remember which one it was, but it was not the kit lens. No tripod and no flash.
The number one inspiration is of course, the subject is my grandson. I was watching him and his cousin, Trey , play with the riding toys. I was mainly trying to just capture a good shot of my grandson, but the look and dirt on his face added to the captured scene. I just couldn't resist taking that shot!
I always shoot on raw in order to have more control over my post-processing. I work with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC. I use Lightroom to adjust tone, contrast, and saturation, plus any other adjustments that are needed in order to "bring out" the photo. I never use my presets because every photo needs different adjustments , so every photo receives their own attention to details that are needed from me and my tools. Photoshop then receives the photo for other needed adjustments to fine tune the photo. This photo was no exception to the rule!
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon D3300 with me along with three zooms and one prime Nikon 55 mm lens. My kit lens is in my bag, but it is rarely used. My bag is not with me at the moment , so I can't recall the exact sizes of the lens, but they are all Nikon. My equipment is limited and my camera is not professional, but I know that it is the photographer and not the camera that "makes" the photo, although, I would love to upgrade to a more professional camera for better performance. Due to limited funds, though, I will have to be satisfied with my D3300.
Shooting on all manual settings will give you more control over the lighting situations and better productivity. I always think for my camera rather than allowing it to think for itself. When shooting small children , I am always prepared for anything they might do! Children are always for the most part unpredictable! I strive to produce the natural characteristics of just who they are, and to capture the personality of the person. I prefer to let them be natural and limit posing . Cheezy smiles are not for me, but eye contact is a plus in natural personalities, unless shooting for particular moods. I hope these words can benefit in some way to other photographers. I love to photograph in this way and always look for the best way to capture the personality of my subjects. Thank you for allowing me to be a finalist!

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