Iwo-Jima reenactment with toy army guys

Iwo-Jima reenactment with toy army guys
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my makeshift studio in Richmond, ky
I was just starting vacation from my day job. I work until 9 at night so it was dark when I got home and couldn't go outside to take photos. I didn't want to go to sleep and the creative bug had hit me. I headed downstairs to my basement and started the set up.
I wasn't alive when the Americans went to Iwo-Jima but I've seen pictures. I wanted to capture the feel of the red sun in this recreation of a powerful image. I used a simple table lamp set behind a frosted shower curtain.
Shot with my first camera, Sony a33. mounted to a cheap-o tripod and just a kit lens. As I mentioned earlier, I set up a lamp behind a frosted shower curtain to diffuse the harsh light.
I've always thought the original photo of the marines planting the flag in Iwo-Jima was very powerful. I've wanted to recreate it for a long time. I would love to do this again as this picture is a few years old and I've grown tremendously as a photographer.
Lightroom 5 only to process the color and crop. Back then I wasn't much of a Photoshop user and smoothing out the background proved to be very challenging in LR.
In my camera bag
Now days I shoot with a Canon 70d and my favorite lens. 14mm Rokinon 2.8. I use an 24-70 canon for portraits and if I have to zoom I pack around an 18-200mm tamron.
Plan the shot. Especially studio shots. This photo was an attempt early on in my love for photography and took way too long. Now as I've grown more experienced I can think back and pinpoint some things I would change. I still love the photo, don't get me wrong, but my advice would be to get to know your equipment, pay attention to the background and experiment. It's just time right? As long as you have fun you can't wrong!

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