Fall Cat (Original Post)

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If you like my photography, please check out my other sites!

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52 Comments | Report
gunners42 February 26, 2013
great capture.......
WolfEyesPhotography PRO+
WolfEyesPhotography February 28, 2013
Gorgeous shot!
cevert March 04, 2013
Terrific shot!
Tanya01 Premium
Tanya01 March 04, 2013
Wow, what great capture! Perfect!
LaurieS PRO+
LaurieS March 06, 2013
This is really beautiful. :)
clarkl88 March 06, 2013
This is a great shot.... very well done
charlena Platinum
charlena March 06, 2013
this is a stunning photo!
IsabellaD Premium
IsabellaD March 07, 2013
awesome, love it !
JeffreyA March 07, 2013
Great shot
mdriley00 PRO+
mdriley00 March 09, 2013
Nice shot.
cevert March 22, 2013
Congratulations on your award!! I love this photo :D
Inmar March 22, 2013
Terrific shot! Congrats on award!
Angela_Lewry March 22, 2013
Stunning photo :)
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 March 22, 2013
Awesome capture! Congrats!
murphey PRO+
murphey March 22, 2013
Aww Terrific ! ( Congrats )
SarahKeates PRO
SarahKeates March 22, 2013
Purrfect shot;) Congrats!
tsambaproductions March 23, 2013
coolspider March 23, 2013
Congrats, awesome cpature
markcoleman March 23, 2013
Beautiful shot!
Carli March 23, 2013
excellent shot, congrats! :D
melissad March 23, 2013
Love the colors, love the face!!!!
MadHatter66 March 23, 2013
Love it! Great Job!!!
deboragardiman March 23, 2013
Beautiful shot. Congrats!!!
HMEarth5 March 24, 2013
Beautiful fall capture!!!
charlenehopewingate March 24, 2013
Good job capturing this pretty cat.
pixellimagery March 25, 2013
Congrats on catching the eye of Staff Favourite! :-)
You're a beautiful kitty, Tyson! :-))) Ell
ThruADiffEye March 25, 2013
Beautiful cat! I'm waiting to receive my D5100 myself. Can't wait to snag some great shots like yours!
drakkardarkblade March 25, 2013
Congrats, great capture. If you get a chance please check out my photos here:
Sierralara PRO
Sierralara March 25, 2013
Absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
DigitalDawn March 25, 2013
Beautiful capture of your cat, the colors are beautiful, vibrant, and just really pop yet never take away from your adorable subject. Great shot and an award well deserved. I expect we will see this in the pet contest with great results.
jleiweke April 10, 2013
elfiedwards Premium
elfiedwards April 13, 2013
I like this one a lot. beautiful
meshersmith April 13, 2013
Beautiful shot. Congrats!!!
ChristinaFreak April 14, 2013
Lovely capture!
HeatherL_222 PRO+
HeatherL_222 April 14, 2013
Wonderful clarity, angle and DOF!
brandinichols April 14, 2013
lamarh PRO+
lamarh April 15, 2013
another excellent shot. bg is perfect.
JohnLazo April 15, 2013
Awesome photo. Beautiful colors
Dondi April 18, 2013
Love this one
stephy April 20, 2013
pretty eyes/shot
Flanerie66 April 21, 2013
Beautiful capture!!!
sixgreg April 25, 2013
Beautiful, Looks just like my cat
JDLifeshots April 30, 2013
Great capture! Congrats.
SFalagario_photos May 01, 2013
This is probably the best cat picture i've ever seen. I love the colours in the background, the detail on the cat and especially how well the eyes stand out. Well done.
Alaska68752 May 19, 2013
Great shot. Love those eyes, and the colors in the picture as well.
garthurdavis May 31, 2013
A winner for sure ! ! ! Exellent photo full of detail, color, composition with some mystery thrown in ! ! ! Fantastic addition to my Project : Nature Zoomed In ~ ~ ~ Thanks for the addition - - - the best of all your other entries ! ! ! FAVORITED & PEER RECOGNIZED ! ! !
debbiekeithhellems November 05, 2013
gorgeous shot@ Well deserved award :)
readysetgo November 05, 2013
Beautiful shot, love it!
Sunnygillphotoz November 08, 2013
love this pic ..!!!! amazing
kirstengamby April 08, 2014
Absolutely beautiful cat portrait. I love it.
CatNap PRO+
CatNap May 30, 2014
What a lovely shot and your cat Tyson to handsome boy:)
EyesFocused PRO+
EyesFocused June 11, 2014
Awesome shot!!!

Behind The Lens

I actually took the image in a tree in my backyard. It turned out to make the perfect location for a fall feline portrait!
Early afternoon, I believe. Around 1PM or so.
The lighting is 100% natural. The sun was in the perfect position to illuminate my subject as well as the golden fall leaves behind him.
I only used my D5100 and my Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S DX Autofocus Zoom Lens.
I never intended to take this photo, actually. I was at home, looking for something to do, and I thought to myself "I'll take my cat outside and try and get a cute photo of him". All I wanted was to take a typical cute kitty pic and be done with it. While outside, I noticed one of our trees had gorgeous large fall leaves on it. I also realized I had never seen my cat climb a tree before. I was curious, so I put him in to see what he did. I snapped quite a few photos in the meantime. It was casual, and even a little spontaneous. I didn't realize how well this photo had turned out until I looked at the images weeks later.
Yes! This photo made me realize that no matter how well you take your original photo, you'll probably always need to edit it a bit. For this image, I didn't have to do much. I used the website iPiccy (because it was before I had Photoshop). I lightened up the image a bit (exposure and contrast), adjusted the temperature of the colors to a warmer feeling for fall, used the HDR effect on really low (keep it subtle) to boost clarity of the image, and then I softened up the background a bit because the HDR tool in iPiccy made it a tiny bit grainy.
In my camera bag
Two camera bodies (Nikon D5100 and Nikon D7000), 55-200mm Nikon lens, 85mm micro telephoto lens, 18-55mm Nikon kit lens, and an 18-105mm Nikon kit lens. In short, it's all of my digital camera gear.
Don't set out to take a great photo. I know that sounds strange, but that's my advice to you. Some of the best photos you could ever take are unintentional. Let the photo opportunity come to you. For me, I got lucky. As soon as I placed my cat in the tree here, he got settled into a position that made him look like he was going to jump out of the tree (leaning forward, like in this photo). Just then, a flock of birds flew past overhead to distract him while I took this photo. All of the factors that make this photo great are ones that I couldn't have helped. The things around us aligned perfectly all by themselves, all I did was snap the shot.

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