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Algonquin outfitters truck

This truck just sits here and looks good at the outfitters retail and rental space.

This truck just sits here and looks good at the outfitters retail and rental space.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in late spring when only remnant snow still persists. In Algonquin Park at this time of year the moose are quite often feeding at road side due to the highway salts available. Other than shooting moose only I dropped into the Outfitters and took this shot.
High noon may not be the optimal time for shooting, but on this overcast day in the woods created a good balanced light for an April afternoon.
Natural light on an over cast spring day , deep in the woods are just bonus conditions to eliminate harsh shadows.
This was shot with a Canon 50D and a Tamron 18-270. With the legs spread wide on my Slik tripod I got the lower point of view where as I was able tto capture some of the colours of the forest floor.
When I saw this truck for the first time many years ago ,I had to shoot it from many angles and various processes. It reminded me of my youthful years camping, hunting and fishing with the family on weekend and holiday trips. We would travel for hours riding in the back of the our truck.
This shot was one of my early HDR which has a certain simplicity, and less processing than some of my newer HDR's. Photomatix is still my main processor, and Photoshop curves is pretty much where the processing ended with this truck, often now I do other tweaking with some of Topaz's software for desired effects.
In my camera bag
I have always been a Canon shooter and over the years the the kit has grown as I am sure is the same as most photographers. As cameras and lenses change in the bag there are the staples that that travel with them like the neutral density filters and polarized filter. A remote shutter release and dedicated Canon 580 flash adds the the weight of the kit. I have moved from the 18mm- 270 mm Tamron to the Canon 70mm- 200mm 2.8 with a 1.4 converter for my long lens, and I borrow my daughters Canon 24mm-70mm when I can . This leaves me room for the wide 10mm-24mm and a 60 mm- 2.8 for the macro when the moment arises. Naturally this kit rides beside me and not on my back along with my Slik tripod with a Magivered ballhead.
If anyone wanted to take my advise on how to shoot something similar, I would say to get low, close to the ground, changing the angle of view and save those sunny days for landscapes and get in the woods on those overcast days and use the HDR technique and process subtly.

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