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koronz January 20, 2014
Thanks a lot for you choise :)
jefflaidlaw February 23, 2014
Nice job,,, shooting prepared food is something of a niche market... there are very few people who do it well; and on the commercial side, those who manage to make food look attractive are very highly paid and usually work woth a team of 10 or 20 people... You did this very well and the little sprinkle of mint leaf (or whatever that is) dresses the set very nicely... Good work
koronz May 02, 2014
Thanks a lot :) I like to take photos of food, especially if i cooked it myself. However, i would like to take professionally cooked food too. Well, may be in the future. Thanks a lot again :)
twilight65 May 28, 2014
koronz August 03, 2014
Thank you so much :)
Etna August 02, 2014
Nice shot
koronz August 03, 2014
Thank you so much :)
melissafarelli August 28, 2014
My favorite!
koronz August 28, 2014
Thanks :) Mine too :)
Akire August 29, 2014
Great capture! Now I'm hungry for a Schnitzel.
koronz August 30, 2014
Thank you :)
IsabellaD February 24, 2015
Awesome composition, smart use of color, DOF, voted!
koronz March 08, 2015
Thank you so much :)






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Behind The Lens

I am a self-taught photographer who has been taking pictures at one level or another for a long, long time. I was living in Istanbul when i shot this picture. I love photography and the whole creative process, even when I get grumpy and stressed.
I came home from work about 20:00 and i was really hungry.I couldn`t decide should i order from somewhere or should i cook myself. In the end, i decided to cook myself. I made a nice schnitzel. However, i couldn`t eat it because i had to take some pictures. It gets cold but it was worth eating it cold because i had a nice shot.
Lighting was kinda difficult. 20:00 in the evening and normal room light. I hate taking pictures in room light. I usually like natural light however, hadn`t any choise. After several shots i had what i wanted.
I have Canon 550D with a 18X135 lens. When i took this picture i didn`t use a tripod. I didn`t use flash eiter because i don`t like using flash in pictures.
I like good looking food, well of course it should also taste good. We all see food pictures on magazines and advertisements. I always wanted to shoot a good looking meal. So i started to try cooking a good looking meal. I did it and the good point is, it tasted also good !
I always shoot raw. It makes easier to work on the photo. In this photo, i used only the Digital Photo Professional tool. I just need to use the sharpe effect, contrast and color saturation.
In my camera bag
I have a standart equipment in may bag. Canon 550D, 18X135 Filter, tripod, a filter set, sandwich, redbull and a beer.
Well, honestly if you want to shoot food photos and if you have to prepare it yourself, forget the taste and prioritize the look. Try to use coldlight if you are at home but of course daylight is alwys better. If you don`t have a good angle without having a shadow, use something you can reflecht the light. ( Or put the object directly beow the light. )Flash, only if you have to.

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