martijnsweers June 01, 2016
Such an amazing image! Great work
krisbednarzewski June 01, 2016
thank you
rachdian June 22, 2016
Amazing shot and moment!
krisbednarzewski June 23, 2016
thank you
Marcus_A June 23, 2016
Very Nice!
krisbednarzewski June 23, 2016
hey Marcus, thanks a lot!
asia_krasuska June 24, 2016
Epic image! I love night sky photos and this one is so inspiring!
krisbednarzewski June 25, 2016
Dzieki Asia!
rcw_68 June 24, 2016
WOW!!! Amazing Image. ":I think we have a winner!"
krisbednarzewski June 25, 2016
Thanks mate, heh i wish!:)
olocinicsira June 25, 2016
What a beautiful shot.
krisbednarzewski June 25, 2016
Thank you!
tonytootony June 26, 2016
That really is an awesome shot!
krisbednarzewski June 26, 2016
Thanks Tony!
ChasingShadows August 18, 2016
Excellent work!
Visionprdx November 16, 2016
This is unspoken for! No words can describe the beauty!!
PHOTOHAPPY December 01, 2016
Amazing! This is an excellent shot
gregedwards December 08, 2016
roksanabunar December 09, 2016
ohh wow, this is amazing
davidmcglynn January 07, 2017
thats just awsome :)
bayleaforiginals February 12, 2017
Wow!! This is an amazing piece. You have inspired me to try to shoot more night.
andrasroth February 12, 2017
It is spectacular, well done!
PixelWorksPhotography February 12, 2017
Wow just stunning
FredericMONIN February 13, 2017
Fantastic shot !!!
KatieMcKinneyPhotography February 14, 2017
Incredible work! Breathtaking! Congrats on your awards!
lisarichardson_3346 February 19, 2017
Truly stunning
garyhunter_6788 March 25, 2017
very nice.
malispics June 18, 2017
Epic shot!
Can I ask how it was done? Where you on a higher mountain or in an airplane? And how long did it take for post-processing? When you were standing there, did it actually look like this, or totally not, you just sewed several pictures together?
sarahtaroza June 18, 2017
Otherworldly. Gorgeous. Did you need to add many post production effects or blend multiple images together? Very cohesive and mystical final product!
Engkima June 18, 2017
Kiwi-Vagabond June 19, 2017
ekramhossain June 19, 2017
This photo is addictive ???
Eddieuuu071 June 19, 2017
EmmanuelVerzura June 19, 2017
splendid shot. The milkyway is a little bit too strong for me.It disturb me a bit when i see clouds desappear like that.
rose12 June 19, 2017
this is too amazing incredible capture!!! superb!
macnutart June 20, 2017
pauljenkinson June 22, 2017
omg awesome shot, should have won with this one
Aeri June 23, 2017
Superb picture. Great work
Niqueki June 24, 2017
You were very lucky to be there at eruption time! How did you get this stars. ?
Normale te sky is notulen very clear.
erick3e July 26, 2017
Woooo This picture genuinely took my breath away
TomasViglas August 04, 2017
Thank you for sharing this masterpiece!
bobbytaylor September 04, 2017
Awesome capture ... A stunning image ... Congrats on your awards.
marcinszymanski September 06, 2017
darrellgillenwater September 07, 2017
WOW Awesome shot
AddisonCo October 07, 2017
Wow, this is amazing. Makes my work look so amateur.
Vast_Distance November 24, 2017
Unreal! Such a nice image, other world like.
ChesapeakeG Jan 14
Amazing shot!
Beautiful composite and thank you for sharing
Scotty6097 Jan 20
Beautiful image.
You're Such a Genius !
Stars could be blended better, hard fades into the clouds.
Emerald_Wake Feb 13
_atombomb Feb 13
Well done!
ilanatf Feb 14
This is amazing!
A beautifully exposed 2 frame image.... I see hundreds of images a day, and this one is absolutely striking! Kudos!

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Jun, 2016

Bromo - an active volcano during eruption

Picture was taken at beginning of April and it comes from two frames taken with 37 minutes inteval

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Won Contest Finalist in Nature And The Night Photo ContestJanuary, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Into The Night Photo ContestJuly, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Earth Day 2017 Photo ContestJune, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in The Night Photo ContestNovember, 2016


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