Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing trucks in the Trucks Photo contest with chances to win Gift Card Bundle and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Daniel Tran for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "My name is Daniel Tran and I am an Australian based travel, landscape and commercial photographer. I grew up in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour and was surrounded by the beautiful landscapes along the east coast of Australia, which is where I developed a passion for adventure and photographing nature."

"Classic green truck" by sarelvanstaden

"Western Star in the snow" by StarPhotographer

"Freedom" by HamptonPhotography

"ThundersTruck" by aaronjgroen

"Panamericana" by sebastiao_chaves

"Long time" by larryrogers

"Yellow Truck" by (A)Structor

"parked for the season" by RyanWunsch

"Transportation blues..." by jaytee

"Farm Truck" by DeonG

"Star Truck" by jamesnelms

"Spare A Bullet" by Wayne-Stadler-Photography

"Bodie Trucking" by clownsonvelvet

"GMC truck" by Oeriv

"Long-term parking" by (A)lenlangevin

"_DSC2479" by (A)suecong

"Old Tow II" by randybenzie

"Fall/Sunset" by StephenLittlePhotography

"Bodie's Ghosts" by ladyincammies

"Driven" by blairwacha

"Two Old Farm Trucks" by Lovesphoto

"Roadside Treasure" by Imagecreator13

"Old Bedford" by (A)ValleyGirl76

"On the Ranch" by rhmimages

"Lenny Medlers Scrapyard 17/03/15" by (A)mushroomgodmat

"GMC Truck" by The_Whitography_Project

"1949 GMC Ratrod" by jareksoltys

"Cristmas Bearpaw" by (A)aaronhenderson

"Classic Ford" by dustindoust

"Country Bride" by kateluber

"its a hard life " by AnneDphotography

"Cool Springs" by justinbetts

"Old Soviet Union car" by hrachess

"Red on yellow" by alekrivec

"Trucks" by smosentry

"International" by jfischerphotography

"By Truck" by gailhowarth

"OLD ABANDONED CAR" by (A)raulweisser

"Top fuel truck" by MBphotographybiz

"Broken" by knoxphoto

"ford" by (A)rachaellivingstone

"Rusted Ford on Christmas Morning" by kurtskoglund

"Ford Grave Yard" by craigboehm

"John's (fullsizeoutput_3da1)" by muse2max

"faithful" by (A)michellemace

"Pull over and avoid the storm." by gottobeme1234

"Motorpool at sunset" by aaronmmoshier

"Rust Bucket" by (A)hartmanc10

"The Blue Benz" by BRIN

"Truckin'" by Reallycrazykiwi

"Obsolescent " by fronteras

"Late Night Pick up " by ts446photo

"Reclaimed Truck " by Picpros

"TexacoMorningNG " by DuffyDoherty

"Old and lonely " by svetoslavdiamantekirilov

"Yellow Truck " by Julieweiss

"Bodie - Truck " by kirkmills

"Rhyolite " by alishaclarke

"_B6A9984-Eclipse Night Truck" by gretchenthompson

"Ravenswood Wrecks" by Ozdude

"The Wreck" by timot78

"56 Effie" by (A)Bjohannes

"Stickney Meadow recovery" by peteranthonyrollings

"Magic Bus " by toddleckie

"Olds Grille B+W" by DanielArrellanes

"Ford Truck" by jesdomacasse

"Long Forgotten" by lanatolle