Huge animals are one of the most fascinating things on this planet. We love it when we see the grandeur of these big animals. For this photo contest, we invited you to show us how you capture any type of big animal in a creative and original way with chances to win a Large The North Face Waterproof Bag, VIEWBUG Coins, and more cool prizes!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "African Lion" by KeithBannerman

"The photographer did an ace job catching the intensity in the lion's gaze, which really makes you feel like you're locking eyes with the king of the jungle. The soft lighting just highlights his majestic mane and those piercing eyes. Composition-wise, it’s spot-on with the lion centered just right, making him the undeniable focus. It’s not just a photo; it feels like a moment frozen in time. Kudos to the photographer for such a stunning capture!"

Congratulations People's Choice "Longneck 2.0" by Kris_M

Congratulations Runner Up "Tiger foggy morning" by EuroBen

Congratulations Runner Up "Etosha Elephant and Lion" by Karl-Heinz

Congratulations Runner Up "Z07_0225" by barbarahollweg

Congratulations Runner Up "I love You" by lonniewehunt

Congratulations Runner Up "Hammer Dust-Up III" by jborys

Congratulations Runner Up "Zambezi Elephant #46" by chriswhittier

Congratulations Runner Up "Get my good side" by smkeena

Congratulations Runner Up "Dust and Lights" by francescabullet

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Grizzly Half Portrait" by JeffNBrenner

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Strabrechtse Heide Lierop - The Netherlands" by toonsmits

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Caribou Denali National Park" by jackgarr

Congratulations Honorary Mention "LION hiding" by Jolleypics

Congratulations Honorary Mention "RTTCN5I1674" by kdooley

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Lioness Hunting" by ericcriswell