mihrt April 26, 2017
Wow this sure is an old truck - kind of reminds me of one of those you'd see in an old 'horror' flick - you just wouldn't want it barrelling down the road after you :) Sure is ancient ! What a find !! great shot Anne.
NOuserHere April 26, 2017
Reminds me of the old movie Duel
Bruz May 11, 2017
Loved that movie. The first movie that Spielman did.
sue-zon April 27, 2017
Whoa! Head-on! Great PoV, Anne!
margaretgosiakossowski April 27, 2017
Nice one Anne.:)
Dalecga April 27, 2017 International Harvester. That's an oldie. I didn't know they made trucks. Nice photo Anne.
trainwoman April 29, 2017
Old workhorse past it's prime..... doesn't look like the new ones on the roads. Great photo
Kazza60 April 29, 2017
awesome old international truck .. its had a long hard life !!
chuckrickman May 02, 2017
Made of steel back then. Terrific find and capture.
Bazz May 06, 2017
Awesome find!
Bruz May 11, 2017
Awesome shot of this international. Very nice.
Bazz July 10, 2017
Congratulations on making Finalist in Monthly Pro Vol 32 Photo Contest for July, 2017! Well done!
KayBrewer July 11, 2017
Congratulations, Anne!! Finalist in the Monthly Pro Vol 32 contest! Good luck!!!
mihrt July 13, 2017
Wow congrats on being a Finalist in the Monthly Pro Vol 32 Photo Contest - your fellow VB members who voted sure had good taste and eyes when it comes to an EXCELLENT CAPTURE !!!!
trainwoman July 16, 2017
Congratulations in finalist finish in Pro Monthly contest
Kazza60 July 16, 2017
congrats on the finalist award Anne .. well done !!
trainwoman Jan 29
Congratulations on placing in the truck contest...NICE

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