Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best B&W photos of animals in the Animals In Black And White Photo contest with chances to win Nikon D3400 and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Killing Mommy's Tail" by UfotoAfrica

Congratulations Runner Up "ugly-beauty " by JBramerPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up "Dolphin love" by gaetanocessati

Congratulations Runner Up "Freedom " by ErikSvec

Congratulations Amateur Winner "(BW) - Giraffe " by syn3rgy

Congratulations People's Choice "Zebra Social Networking" by ivannicolau

"Great White Shark" by zachparkerimages

"Crash" by HamishMitchell

"Repeat - some people do not know how to behave!" by mandarose

"A Dream " by jtmoody

"Two of a kind " by linettesimoesphotography

"Sly in Black and White" by patrick9x9

"P7200065" by garrychisholm

"White" by LaYue

"Donald Mono" by gogosviewbug

"Stream crossing" by murrayrudd

"About a Wolf" by hadissima

"Stripes" by charlesjorg

"Follow The Leader" by charlotterhodes

"Northerner" by sebastiao_chaves

"Pharroh" by Jamie235

"A portrait of a king " by nyanamoli

"swirl" by rafsalsa

"icelandic-horses" by clandestino

"waterbuck" by kasper

"Ghostly" by natosed

"Odyle The Boston Terrier" by jessicagiguere

"Vaffel" by MariLaegreid

"Lowland Gorilla 2017-06-03 (5D_32A8791)" by andrewhaysom

"monkey face BW" by ScottELB

"Hold" by adelecarne

"Lion, Plains and Kopjes" by charlielynam

"Fawns" by jrhardy

"The look of nature" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Fast and Furious" by sandrabassendowski

"Young Llama" by Laska

"Little hunter and lazy boy" by jevgenijscolokov

"The King" by Kamstrup

"I'm watching you" by marcdicino

"B&W Bison 02 -" by LCdutch

"Little different models :-)" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Stallions Fight" by marcobertazzoni

""Manga" Svartvit " by cindygrundsten

"Floating Into the Light " by ryansnodgrass

"LelephanteKisses " by Nafrea

"Sausages!?! " by NickBPhotoUK

"Mono flamingo " by SteveCrampton

"B&W Humpback " by ShellyPriest

"Sheep " by paulwild

"Rhino " by Luca_DeGregorio

"The midday snooze " by MattGould

"Dagger Boy " by Darrenp

"You Talkin' To Me? in B&W " by fidfoto

"The Wait " by danielemele

"Is there something in that tree? " by ChrisIS

"Dalmatian on Black BW " by CPonsell

"White Wolf Under Canopy " by beaericson

"Look into my Eyes" by anitarossview

"Atilla" by katesherry

"Shake it!" by Cbries

"Native Irish Red Stag in the Rut B+W C Large" by rodwilson

"The Dark Side of Animals - Rhino" by dezkarpatiphotography

"Tusk to Tusk" by stumac

"Portrait of an OTTB" by FotoCavallo

"The Stare Down" by sabatesphoto