Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing any type of snake in the Snakes Photo contest with chances to win Canon 20D Camera and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more nature photo contests coming soon!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Green parrot snake - Costa Rica" by JimCumming

Congratulations People's Choice "Last requests" by Bullet_Photography

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Hangin' Out" by AaronKurtz

Congratulations Runner Up "Tiger Rattlesnake on a warm summer night" by danograyson

Congratulations Runner Up "Squamigera" by bjrngotzmann

Congratulations Runner Up "Stunningly Green" by windycorduroy

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Animated Parrot Snake" by wild-west

"Emerald Tree Boa" by FalconEyesPhotography

"Punctuated" by BonZeye

"python" by sabrinawob

"Drew" by samarcuk

"Hangin Out" by Montethephotographer

"green snake" by mrw1288

"Mr. High White" by bandswright

"Beautiful but deadly" by Leovin_Agustim

"Ssssssnake" by DeanSmithPhotography

"Speckled Rattlensake" by devonmassyn

"Snake, it's what's for breakfast." by David_Eppley

"Wet Vs Dry" by ance87

"Green Vine Snake in monsoon" by angad13

"Deadly Yellow" by HarryC

"Old Blue Eyes" by kathaggiss

"Ready to attack" by lessysebastian

"Adult Plain-Bellied Watersnake " by marcobertazzoni

"Green Mamba" by josephleduc

"_MG_5239" by christinepanlaqui

"My Good Side" by normcvedder

"Emerald Boa" by panilsson

"speckled-rattler" by FrankSomma

"VIEWS FORM COSTA RICA" by arielnadler

"Taking a dip" by gabygrohovaz

"Whip snake, Hort Park, Singapore." by davidscottrobson

"Emerald" by danielprice_4060

"GVN3" by charusona

"Here's Looking At You" by Normanthegr8

"The Green Wide Smile" by nitinshenoy

"eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii)_0R8A7608" by rufous

"IMG_8343-2" by krystlesempf

"scary snake" by whitevintagephotography

"Snake view" by carolyns

"Snake in the Grass 25" by Dacemac

"_DSC8634" by chrisfphotos

"snake" by rcscharf

"DSC_3829" by nightrose0087

"DANGER!" by Slangseun

"Backyard Visitor" by dakthi

"Black & White Green Tree Snake" by JRosewarne

"Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus)" by paulthomas1966

"The snake" by puma330

"Licky Licky" by michaelbeckwith

"Green snake " by janet1

"Rattler" by JeffSiege

"Isn't love Grand" by gerdaeilts

"snake" by FSP-Studios

"Green Vine Snake" by archowdhury

"New Orleans Zoo" by aruther

"A Tight Squeeze" by Canisdirus

"20170615-DSC_3719ecw2" by Thephotocorgi

"I see you !!!" by willysanson

"Snake Charms - 011" by JKPeters

"snake" by willow666

"Snake at Serpentarium in Edisto Island, SC" by ALZPhoto