Light painting is a photography technique that involves using a moving light source to illuminate a subject or scene while the camera shutter is open. The result is a photograph that reveals the path of the light source, creating an ethereal and often surreal effect. Light painting can be used to create a wide variety of looks, from gentle swirls of light to bold streaks and lines. While it takes some practice to master, light painting is a versatile and fun technique that can be used to add an element of creativity to any photo.
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos in this light painting photo contest with chances to win a Philips Hue Smart Light and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

" " by Ruben_DiazM

"Glowing Lines " by vastdreamer

"Vancouver Inverting " by beyond_the_prism

"Westminster Bridge " by michaelkovler

"TheViewBrussels " by Macpwm

"light painting " by Elchin_Jabbarov

"Maria Karga " by ElenaParaskeva

"Milky Way Ritual " by prajitr

"Sparks Of Passion " by sdondero

"Floriano " by klapouch

"Angel of Fire " by Foxhound

"Sphere by the Bridge " by Lovesphoto

"The night traffic of the Tower Bridge copy " by rsung

"Christmas in Blanco (9377) " by AliciaRPaparo


"Midnight Lights " by JRyan80

"Roy G. Biv on Drums " by donbenderphotography

"Dazzling Silk Route " by vivekjprasad

"light painting " by Ksharmaphotography

"into the night " by peternestler

"long exposure ambulance " by ismeghead

"Reading Hours " by Joacomaj

" " by OPmedia

"Beach Sparkler Light Painting " by tonyjhughes

"Sparks " by jonnywilliams

"busy London by night " by AndreasMurauer

"LONDON. " by felicebellini

"Light Painting.JPG " by mdonnan

"Zoom " by shawntangedahl

"Golden Gate Bridge 10.26.16 (257)-2 13x19.5 n " by samfashionphoto

"Rowena Crest " by Darrenp

"Enter the warp " by george_kossieris

"Freeway Lights " by johnknudsen

"Double Honda Night " by xaltair

"Lombard Nights " by DesiDrewPhotography

"Sci-fi " by enricomonni

"Night Lines " by KyleBardenPhotography

"Day is Night " by ScottieImages

"Traffic at night " by johannesoehl

"Alina " by ilyayakover

"I Love the USA " by joshhebert

"Hamburg Rush " by FrauGipp

"Painting with light " by Iris-imagery

"Crazy carousel " by lengalvnrello

"20220308_191405 " by Akimina

"Rain with fire " by LaryPhotoArt

"The White Star " by lifeofjellyb

" " by jaciNoel

"Busy venice " by Baker_graf

"A Lightbulb Moment " by danwillisphotography

"Breaking dawn " by samanthahess

"no love for mercedes amg? " by CampCounselor

"Sunset In Goa " by Keefyboy

"beautiful fireworks " by v4ernetskiy

"Final Approach " by kiwidragonfly

"sunset over the F?g?ra?u mountains Romania " by damianbn

"London Bus " by robertpuig

"The Ring of Fire " by SwansonA9

"Independence Hall 2020 " by ThanePhelan

" " by Ritahowes1

" " by Wilen

""Particle or Wave" " by ToddGirouxPhoto

"til the end of story " by Joecas

"Chairoplane " by bielefoto

"This is the cure. " by oscardjrock

"CITY LOOK " by Olevar

"Light Play " by AnnHopta

"Vortex " by Alfre_Xat

"Londres " by H2Ofotografia

"Taming the dragon " by trofimov-photo

"Blue lights " by Giz

"Fire Wheel " by FranciBepunkt

"Small Town Superhero " by LoganCastro

"In a hurry " by valeriasig

"Tokyo Nights " by Rhino300

"Beam me up, Scotty! " by svennobels

"Serpentina " by Wim-Solheim

"Light Bend " by brandonborn

"Windmills and Milky ways " by rhmimages

"Paris by night " by timrebkavets

"Midnight on Cape Cod " by ConorEgan

"Lines " by AcesHighPhotog

"Revived with Light " by Troy-Hess

"Chicago L S Curve " by chris_photo

"Let there be Light " by danbucko

"Lightsabre training " by Kjellvikestad

"Alpen Lakes " by plur44

"Silo with Halo " by Lpepz

"Playing with fire. " by delhunter

"Milky Way rising at twilight " by darrenlovecchio

"The lord of the Dolomites " by michelebuttazzoni

"Keeping the creativity in motion " by kaysvisuals

"Manhattan Night Traffic " by stefko

"_PIC1088 copy5 AD " by atanasdonev

"Night dancing " by EsmaralduS

"Travelling at the speed of light. Shot on Nikon. Photo was taken after heavy rain in Sydney " by paniradyagiardian

"Oceanic portal " by ohnitsoga

"0E2A7886 " by danielburton

"In The City " by Glicious_G

"Orbi-wan-kenobi " by robjury

"Ready for Bed " by RyanCottam

"The Subway " by Amiqdadi

"Alina Supernova " by JPiccariPHOTO

"Can Roig, Camprodon, Spain. " by davidscottrobson

"Night cars " by enyorban

"Kalum Lake Milky Way " by brandonbroderick

"Fire spinning in Thailand " by (A)brookechelettechapman

"Menai Bridge, waiting for a bus " by (A)jasoncervi

"Berchem " by (A)AdCarreira

"Atlanta " by (A)ks_pics

"Steel City " by ventenni

"07041415 " by (A)michaelehye

"IMG_750-9557-2 Sparks in the tunnel 2 " by (A)JHancock

"Sparks under the bridge " by (A)danielwarman

"Sin city " by (A)bennydecoster

"An Entry to the City " by (A)sachinus2010

"The Whit Hart " by (A)rexdylanvancoller

"Los Angeles Highway (US) " by (A)CedricMayence

"IMG_1487 " by (A)fieldOFvision