The mission is to give exposure to unique images and to feature the incredible creators of the community. Our goal is to give talented photographers the exposure and recognition they deserve by commemorating their work in this photography project. Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite portraits in this photo contest with chances to win an exclusive feature bundle. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Albino " by alexeymartynov

"Silenced " by Sneachta

"Ethan " by ZBCaptures

"Woman Laughing " by tristareneephotography

" " by melissaogara

""She Was A Storm" " by vastdreamer

"La Calavera Catrina " by Dragos_Pop

"BIG " by stefanozocca

"A. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

"Conceptual framework " by larryazizsaved

"Carol " by erlfoto

"Anzhelika " by Biata

"Greta " by maximilian_eheim

" " by Chenoa86

"610_5312 (1) " by hristokolev

"Morning dream " by Emanuele_Di_Paolo

"Tatiana " by Anastasiya_Kushnyr

" " by oreobage

"julia " by kutlu

"Summer time " by twieczorek

"Natalia - 2019 " by gabrielfox

"Hope " by SachinPande

"Orange Girl " by aleeex

"Fortaleza Femenina " by vanesacoulleri

"Nana's Hugs " by JAStandring

"Poetry " by J.C.Celmer

"'Bad Bob' DEC_8309 B&W " by davidchinn

"InRed " by derxphoto

"Mud face " by JavierJimeno

"Margaret " by mintcoma

"Karo Tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia " by 1dane805

"Dots " by Kante

"Sarah " by atanasdonev

"Jen " by harrisphoto

"Memories " by Bzox

"Lisa " by Meike_I

"Let’s talk with eyes , words seems often a lie. " by Giza-01

"Alice " by markfearnley_7122

"I am Viking " by sawyn

"Boy with fern " by fotograbska

"reader " by mitojashiashvili

"Faces " by mohithraisrivastav

"Look at me, boy " by Diegoo

"A Night in " by kspencerjones

"Retro Fashion " by Jean-Massry

"Girl and the Apocalypse: A Photo Series " by DarkWildWaters

"Girl On The Air " by amanullahminhaz

"los angeles. " by lostbeforefate

"Sarah " by Brandon_Grose

"Man in red " by ralph11204

"_Aggi " by pablo_ampudia

"Banho Santo " by joelcalheiros

"Fatherly " by Jerry74

"A Thousand Miles " by (A)Jasonboydduncan

"Alena " by (A)usachevalexander

"Sara - Studio shooting " by (A)crissdiamond

"Look " by (A)Lorenzoragazzi

"Sadness " by Dsmphotography

"Doreen " by sollenaphotography

"_81B2677 " by shayw

"The power of thought " by StuartAmey

"Resa (0401) " by StudioTjeerd

"Josiah " by Jonathan_Dass_Photography

"Weary soldier " by Steve22

"The face of the soil " by Ayse_

"If someone were to ask me what my favorite part about shooting HS seniors is, I may have to say the expression of sports. I love the artistic freedom that comes with it and, well...who doesn't love artistic freedom right? " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"friends " by jolantamacionczyk

"Cecily " by HENKEL

"Disheveled Lass " by rturnbow

"Dylan + Katie Photography " by dylantjader

" " by Talmaza

"Elle in the Thistles " by Lulu152

"Shadow painting " by LeonovPhoto

"Samantha at home " by kgillespie

"Flowering " by Jamie_Kaplan_1917

"Brookelin Backus " by spencerrobinson

"Portraiture " by exifstop

"Ana lara " by ane__wr

"maori portrait " by lothare

"Banjara The Tribals from india " by haiderkhanfilms

"Boom! Headshot " by EdwardPeiPhotography

"The moldovian princess " by AntonioPedroniPhoto

"Portrait " by visualchaos

"Camille " by VladimirPlavac

"studio work " by touchwood

"Flower " by Badjulha

" " by sratliff94

"Autumn's Soul " by Ruslan_Bolgov

"Boho Vibes " by M2M_Pics_Photography

"Tibetan Nomad woman " by hillaryyounger

"Queen of the glammed " by DDDEVILLEPHOTOGRAPHY

"My little hooligan " by etrdryzt

"Need a light " by Keepenitreall

"Kendyll " by joybello

"Urban Girl " by

"Cliff " by rd66

"Heart shaped. " by DeeDee_Imagery

"Ringwood NJ - 2021 " by cristalcraftworks

"Pinned " by KayleighKay

"Paulina " by porcupine_bush

"Middle of somewhere " by LacyBanta

"senior personality " by klmd143

"Dream a little dream " by Ananta

" " by (A)MiguelMartins

"Extraordinary life " by (A)PhillipaJane

"Hey there! ???? Happy Sunday Fun Day! @christygilesx #tillys #fallfashion2017 #lifestyle #lifestylephotography #fashion #fashionphotography #photography #defleppard #bandtee #sunglasses #malibu #canon " by (A)kodyperrinphotography

"Rosie " by Jrouse

"Un Retrato, un Rostro, una Mirada...un Reflejo. Big CloseUp de Jennifer " by IvanDL

"Woman in the Purple Tulip Fields " by ariellefrioza

"Elfe des bois " by Balders

"A. " by EdytaTywonek

" " by TheModernimage

"Eye Spy " by kylere


"Aneta " by artur_rodo

"Indra " by petersachem

"Washed up " by rlinn3