Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most amazing portraits with chances to win a Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD lens, a Bay Photo Elegant 20x30 metal print with exhibition mount, a Back-up Desktop Premium 1-year Subscription plus a Luminar 4 Max edition. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winners' announcement coming soon.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jeremy Chan for his collaboration as a guest judge in this people photo contest. Jeremy Chan is a professional wedding and portrait photographer who is also a Fujifilm X-Photographer and Microsoft sponsored Photographer. Jeremy’s passion for fine art and creativity has helped him refine a unique vision that embraces timeless artistry. By mixing fine art and graphic design in his image-making, he helps his clients create one of a kind timeless images which express their stories for generations to come. Jeremy had won over 70+ international photographic awards. Including gaining the title of WPPI Accolade of Photographic Mastery (APM) and WPPI Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement (AOPA).

"Sparkle of Soul. " by sheheryarphotography

"Tressa " by LaGiraffa

"beautiful Andreea " by Marian_Uram

"Albrecht " by wunderbilder

"CYB_8887 " by nikodemszymaski

"PROJECT FACES [Alica] " by martinkrystynek

" " by guykrier

"Julia Schneeflocken 9798_20191124154311_EOS 5D Mark III-Bearbeitet " by christophreiter

" " by kdooley

"Mother's Love " by clementinacabral

"homeless " by junpinzon

"Dieter " by williamgeisler

"Blank " by shannonhreha

" " by boblee_7548

"Krystin " by rejeanbrandt

"Vika " by pawelnuckowski

"Portrait of Emil " by IuFo

"Searchlights at twi-light " by andreaaccordino

"The touch of elegance in her attitude " by IamBajaj

"luv72-9641 " by kirkmills

"kezieh @ s ix e l " by Sixel

"IMG_4878-Recovered " by beauledesma

"FB_IMG_1559329225015 " by abdelillahdahou

"_DSC1383-2 " by officefurniture

" " by laurynrobison

" " by 2Infinityphotography

"Waterfall head shot! " by mckayleecourtright

"2C313959-1BD3-4DC4-87C0-396A77522F60 " by dorak

"magnified 2 " by lisawiza

"IMG_5649bw-web " by warhammer_photo

"Depth in the eyes " by yanamykytyuk

"Still " by timengle

"Come on... tell me ! " by Savignole

"Stunning beauty " by MBphotographybiz

"Haley " by luismcara

"Triangles " by jeromexs

"Zenia " by IraklisMakrygiannakis

""Ginger" " by majalesar

"Beautiful eyes " by chioreanmihai

"**** " by Loza

"Lines of wisdom " by nadirnaim

" " by tomtyson

"Blue- eyed Girl " by imeldabell

"Badass " by abelbrata

"Young and Beautiful " by GNikolovPhotography

"Alina " by tobiasglawe

"KRIS " by LiliNis

"Mustache descaide... " by ohnitsoga

"Married with my bicycle " by tinumueller

"Mirror reflection " by Giz

"Freckle Fairy " by JessieDee

"Amylee " by mcgillivraybirniephoto

"Dots " by Kante

"Jemma " by tracihabergham

"Strings & Feathers " by OrvilleSpence

"Festive " by sydneymanuel

"DSC08127-Edit " by emilemmotefanka

"Old Man w Bible " by sjholbert

"Feeling the wind " by MarinaArmen

"Peace be still " by MNPphotography

"Showing scars " by thedesigner

"Musician writing in his thoughts " by johnwood

"Selfportrait " by pkasprzycka

"Lena " by socreative

"Portrait " by visualchaos

"Patrick... Homeless and Human " by Beno62

"Alisha - Blue " by Silverlake

"Perfection " by edvinnyitrai

"Marmaid " by katarzynamwiskajaboska

"IMG_94302015-01-01 " by simon_cerulean

"DSC_8996-2 " by NurseShaw86

"Magdalena #01 " by KrisL

"Djene " by peterdeboos

"Ann " by lyubkosha

"Anzhelika " by Biata

"Chrissy Joi Ben " by bimmerlover

"DP PHOTO SELECTION " by dimipapanikos

"Elisa " by nonseireale83

"Ayla " by helenbissellbland

"Abbey " by tonyvasquez

"Ginger girl " by rolandpantea

"Kira II " by sollenaphotography

"Blue Light Special " by brianramos

"SHUT UP " by Phanganphotography

"Butterfly " by ralfeyertt

" " by johncalisoderquist

"Bee Cult " by tigerwhitesides

"New York Boy " by MassimoGiachetti

"A walk in the park " by mariostomazou

"DripShow2019_0-51 " by taylawells

"<3 " by LigaVitola

"002 " by simonyj

"new photos (1 of 1)-2551 " by (A)castel

"Baby Doll " by (A)leahminderhout

"Kel " by Paatryk

"Hide " by (A)VonSchnaphoto