For this landscape photo contest, we invited community members to share their best shots of beautiful blue skies for a chance to be published. We are working in partnership with Jam Press for a chance to have your photo featured in publications such as the NY Post, Fox News, and others. Congratulations to the following winners.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "A pool to reflect " by Darrenp

Congratulations Runner Up "When I'm alone " by Harbi

Congratulations Runner Up "On Top " by spARTiat_de

Congratulations People's Choice "087 " by KelsAndrey

"Sun Seekers " by vernswieringa

"Buccaneer Beach, Oceanside, CA " by blaydenthompson

"Catching The Wolf Supermoon Full Moon " by GigiJim08

"Bow Snow " by brianadamson

"The Long Road " by windycorduroy

" " by dellaina

"Bushfire Aftermath " by sallyrevell

"Pegognaga Lake " by mimeograph

"_SNB5826 " by pegleg

"Jump. " by Nikolai-photographer

"Hot tip " by petersvoboda

"ILKLEY_MOOR " by gilesrrocholl

"A Room with a View " by Wojciech_Sawicki

"Waiting " by eelcovanroden

"Sand Dunes Collection 3 " by ruthyates

"BURNING woMAN VI " by ArtMoodVisualz

"PERFECT VIEW " by shemaradc