The Water Is Life Photo Contest was the perfect opportunity to show how you photograph water in an interesting way. There are droughts all over the world, so let's protect our planet and conserve resources by using them wisely! We are impressed with the images that you shared, congratulations to all the finalists.

"DSC_7272 " by romainbarats

"While Others Sleep " by kennyhimes

"Icy river " by vladcech

"Arachnophobic Architecture " by Hedde

"Floating Feather " by douglasunger

"Sunset inside Ramsvikslandet Nature Reserve on the Swedish west coast. " by hakanrosenquist

"Abiqua Falls in Winter " by ladyincammies

"My Wonder Woman " by stefanozocca

"The Queen. " by Samantha_Dawn

"Half_Moon_Godafoss_Iceland " by gilesrrocholl

"Sunrise in Formentor beach " by CarlosCarrionSanchez

" " by jerrylindeborg

"water from a glass " by R_A_Jackson

"Blue hour reflection " by saintek

"Impact Zone " by tommasopardini

"Summer with Sara Djukic " by raquelpellicano

"Palouse Falls Night " by billsisson

"Godafoss Ice " by PhilipEaglesfield

"The winter joy " by jevgenijscolokov

"Frostbite " by WorldPix

"Penguin Stare " by xaltair

"Lago di Braies " by adrianstanica

"Wild Horse Crossing " by Manifoldlm

"Viewbug Glass Ball " by GrahamF

"The good wave " by antocamacho

"[ ENCHANTED FOREST ] " by mb_lichtbild

"Moraine Sunrise " by (A)mayybbee