Trees are the ultimate symbol of life, not only for their size and longevity but also because they give us oxygen to breathe. So for this photo contest, we invited you to show your love by capturing them in a creative and original way with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens, 300 VIEWBUG Coins, plus more cool prizes. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Roots " by alanfife

"Sunrise Path II " by MarcoTocco

"Idaho In Fall " by sdondero

"Autumn(Gaj nad Mariborom,Slovenia) " by darkokordic

"Autumn's Light " by chancechenoweth

"Spring " by ahmadtaneemkamal

"Ruaha Sunset 5773.jpeg " by BFinkelstein

"DSC_6745 " by VincentRoccoPhoto

"moonset over the ancient bristlecone pine forest " by lucmena

"Frosty Giant " by jimstennette

"The Tree, The Milky Way and Mars " by plur44

"Mist " by VazgenMartirosyan

"Christmas (Eve) Tree " by davidrelph

" " by holmeshooke1

"Live Oaks " by HowardBlank

"Lonely Tree " by RyanCottam

"RGB Forest " by Rhino300

"Sunset lights " by claudiofornaciari

"??????? ?????? " by Yulianna

"Dreaming of the stars " by fantomdesigns

"York County Road 2 " by Kenneth_Caldwell

"Trees " by alewis831

"Autumn Color " by DutchTouch

"Stepping Down Crowders Mtn " by JamesBurke4photos

"Brittany during autumn " by StephaneDroal

"Pathway " by VanjaGolosPhotography

"Blue Hour at the Prismatic Springs " by gordylindgren

"ACACIA AT SUNSET " by Paul_Joslin

"Angel Oak " by MHoyt

"autumn " by shexpaintedfire

"Allees des baobabs " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Hug " by cameliasopon

"Lyrid Meteor Falling (Over Joshua Tree) " by larrybeard

"Misty Morning " by DanaCarruthers

"golden moments " by eelcovanroden

"Blizzard " by VictoriaKCampbell

"one tree " by lifearound

"in the spotlight " by mikethemonkey

"hoarfrost " by MarshallLipp

"Larch Drive " by chrisbalboni

"Shadows of Tomorrow " by HugoAugusto

"Aerial view of waterfall in Indonesian tropical forest " by rahmadhimawan_photography

"1000004502 " by stormicertain

"Pines test shots 10_11_22-3 " by Heartsick

"Bosque " by miltonestevesph

"20231022174906_IMG_4383 " by adamkyek_8838

"The Path More Worn " by vikajdean

"I am still standing " by SatoKam

"Two people walking in a snowy forest " by williamisaak

"IMG_20231004_193729 " by bridgetpage

"Watch the World Spin " by adamsteele_2403

"IMG_2090 " by brookeballagh

"the beech and the moon " by alessandrognesotto

"20230206_110745-01 " by Neojuice87

" " by sirtz

"red oak in fall " by HawksRise

"Foggy morning in the forest, Slovenia " by Kelc33

"Warm Welcome " by catherinemelvin

"Light through tree " by FledgelingImages

"TWO LONELINESS " by alarsen

"Beauty in a Winter Wonderland " by RMBphoto

"The Hiker " by ATHiker

"tree at sunset " by Kenwaxman

"Autumn " by MikeW

"Arctic Sunset 2 " by PhotosbyJLR

"The Last Holdout " by josephbologna

"Ponder Pull " by terrymusclow

"Bonsia " by jameshegbert

"Firey Forest " by KarinSPhotography

"Path of Gold " by rubensantos

"Impostor @ Mosor mountain " by pasdesigns

"Autumn way... " by banubalaji

"inbound1249087221608972970 " by arekmavericknogala

"Redwood Glow " by KimNordbyPhotography

"awesome beech in autumn " by massimofanti

"The Survivor " by jdnethery

"autumn walk " by lisaamandabradshaw

"Fall XX " by lenaavalon

"Sri Lanka " by karelhavermans

"PalmTree " by Christa_Ehrstein

"yellow maple " by frankrehm_8004

"DSC_8375-film1 " by KMBeesPhotography

"Beauty of Autumn Season " by Thomsonphotographer

"Yellow leafs and a blue sky " by PixelsInLightspace

"stables_cottage " by davemcdade

"Lost " by colleone2

"_DSC0466 " by Vgrimes

"Lone Pines " by Obrennan53

"Hide-and-Seek Sun " by p_eileenbaltz

"Sunset " by Rimshot

"Forest woodlands " by miamornar

"The broken umbrella " by lindapersson

"Namibia by Night " by Mbeiter

"Sequoias " by DMartinezPhoto

"Quiver tree at sunrise " by joggievanstaden

"Newport Woods " by amazedbyyou

"Winter Valley " by tinumueller

"Lone Honking Tree " by NatureLoverJJWal

"Playa Brasilito after sunset " by annetteflottwell

"Kaapse Bossen, Doorn, The Netherlands " by Pjerry

"Baobab Tree " by MythicHippo

"Oak Forest in November " by LaszloPotozky

"Japanese Maple 2 " by stevehostetler

"Fern covered oak " by autoiso

"Autumn Sun " by DavidMoody

"Off the beaten Path " by holleywoodii

"ghost forest " by amork

"Where I Belong " by pedroquintela

"Lake Leland Vertical " by b2bjacks

"The Dark Hedges " by pawelklarecki

"Autunm Sunset " by PHWJDMARTIN

"Mystic Forest IX " by teodorasarbinska

"Reflect " by PaulHenryStudios

"Morning Walk " by PixilatedPlanet

"Vineyard in the clouds with solitary tree " by leetomkow

"Sunburnt Canopy " by GayleLucci

"IMG_7174 " by michellevallese

"Natural Symmetry " by RDVPhotography

"Still Here " by fineartphotography

"Behind The Rocks " by jtwphotos

"Tunnel of Oaks " by nlhammondphotography

"Big Green Alien " by rhmimages

"Oak Tree & Valley Fog " by gosmundson

"Canopy Pillars " by volkmer

"Ouray Colorado-0367 " by DanielArrellanes

"Dehesa tree " by Franortiz

"Forest " by Rumble

"leaning tree " by kdooley

"Milky Way Over An Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree " by RS2Photography

"Tree in winter " by calmas5

"Autumn's Journey " by betsyarmour

"DSC_9411-path " by Ellestaples

"The Lone Tree " by Mike_MacKinven

" " by JonByronV

"Listen To The Peace " by russcook

"White on White " by cclaude

"Beauty and the Beast " by jonnywilliams

"Baobab - African " by wildpainter

"Winter evening_2 " by jorisj

"The Reading Tree " by JeremyNoble2020

"Cades Cove Road " by fredblurton

"Soft Light " by Boldstep

"Sunset in Fji " by kimcollins_9757

"Autumn in the woods " by TomazKlemensak

"Natural zip " by fabrizioferraris

"Jungle and the Sun " by MacroSagar

"DJI_0532-2s " by SorinMosescu

"angel oak " by beamieyoung

"Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters " by Uphollandlatic

""Bokeh Tree" " by JayBeeTeeAyeWhyAyeGee

"kmkkkoolkplopoypblnmkkmk " by johankoch

"an early winter " by mcEE

"High-Rise " by Joacomaj

"Sand Lake Autumn Flare-8143 " by misterscott

"Boranup Forrest Aus Day 4 " by TimKramer

"Into the Glow " by tpeakphotos

"Galvaston Palms " by CVenditto

"Woods of the " by Witold

"Triscombe Stone Framed " by Steve_PFB

"Autumn forest " by Myroslav

"The Guardians " by dianadowhower

"Dusk " by NZPChasers

"Fall In the Mountains " by brandonborn

"Boab at Timber Creek Northern Territory. " by Aussie1

"many-limbed " by stephmarvel

"Baobab Tree " by johnnelson

"Stand out " by ThomasDenoulet

"Capitol Reef National Park " by craigboudreaux

"Green cauliflower " by ThomasWeinholzner

"Morning Fog " by daleigh

"Low Country Serenity " by jamesjohnston_3471

"Fall Garden " by stevezimmerman

"Depth of...woods " by octavianteodorescu

"Alone " by albertoalvaro

"autumn sun " by iamanafricansong

"magical time " by melsworldbe

"Cry Freedom " by beyond_the_prism

"Light and shadow " by Yurii_Shelest

"Night on Karagai " by Oleg_Grachev

"Autumn glow " by anthonyryan

"Autumn bokeh " by (A)mylilja

"Solitario " by (A)silviosinbad

"kenfig " by (A)jackiegoodwin

"Morning Sun " by (A)SusiStroud

"Leaving Soon " by (A)carolcardillo

"Lined Up " by (A)gloart

"Aruba " by (A)Leon213

"Autumn Woodland " by (A)HerEyesOn

"Hanging on to life " by (A)fmalquist

"Cabbage trees after sunset " by (A)Rockyw

"Sunset Moon over Miller " by (A)STownsend

"Near the castle... " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher

"Forrest " by (A)Werner-Baisch

" " by (A)JMScottPhotography

"Come this way yonder " by (A)murphey

"Far far away " by (A)MariaBander

"snowy woods " by (A)Marcela76

"The Last Bit Of The Sun's Warmth " by (A)WyoGalPhotography

"young oak... " by (A)grandpa_Vlad

"Towering Redwoods " by (A)FranZ1

"Tree at Winterthur " by (A)LAGIORDANO

"LITTLE TREE IN MORNING FOG " by (A)beckyreding

"ASC_9640 " by (A)CRamsay

"Birches " by (A)JaakkoK

"The Darkness of Spring " by (A)BrianFu

"Light shines through " by (A)JessCDx213

"Star Trail on Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina " by (A)MrBUBU

"Beauty Of The Season " by (A)alexlevinsky

"Foggy Oak Sunrise " by (A)Remraf

" " by (A)trishapayne

"059u (1 of 1) " by (A)jerzyrowinski

"The Van.. " by (A)bethrivenbark

"Portal of light " by (A)vincentcroce

" " by (A)keithtyrrell

"Shadowy Trees " by (A)rabjaffar

"misty morning" by JennaVee

"In the mist" by george_kossieris

"untitled" by dennisrathbun

"Forest" by petesmith2710

"Colorful autumn" by maperick

"Banyan Tree Hawaii" by WorldPix

"DSC_1771" by Sahunter90