Guiding the viewerโ€™s eye to sweep back and forth across the image is definitely a game you want to win when it comes down to s-curves. Imagine them like winding roads throughout your photograph, where you can be sure that every inch of photo space gets used in some form or another. For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best photos with chances to win a prize bundle.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Aerial view of Vrsic mountain pass " by alekrivec

Congratulations People's Choice "Chicago L S Curve " by chrisnielsen_8912

Congratulations Runner Up "Untitled" by marcmarcoripoll

Congratulations Runner Up "Winter in Voronezh " by yakushevgeniy

Congratulations Runner Up "Donuts Racetrack " by YuliyVasilev

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Transfagarasan Road " by atanasdonev

Congratulations Honorary Mention "into the night " by peternestler