Black and white photography brings out a stunning contrast between light and dark, highlighting shadows and adding drama and moodiness to your shots. So, for this photo contest, we invited you share your best monochrome nature photos with chances to take home a MEIJIA All Weather Waterproof Case, 100 VIEWBUG Coins, and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Editing test in #blackandwhite #sharks #underwaterphotography #noiretblancph" by Guillaume

Congratulations People's Choice "Rock of Ages" by cavazbe

Congratulations Runner Up "Unforgotten Times" by garys760

Congratulations Runner Up "Foggy Morning" by tylerfitz94

Congratulations Runner Up "Roots" by Badskwrl

Congratulations Runner Up "North Mountain" by Alfre_Xat

Congratulations Runner Up "Out of the clouds" by Denis09

Congratulations Honorary Mention "wave1" by pauljackson_4080

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Whale waving hello!" by OceanArtwork

Congratulations Honorary Mention "untitled" by karyllgonzalez

Congratulations Honorary Mention "DSC00060bwe" by alef0