Here is something we can learn from tobiasglawe about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo. tobiasglawe is Portrait, Boudoir and Sensual Photographer based in Hanover, Germany.

This photo below was taken not far away from my home base. It's a former gravel mining lake. We started in the early afternoon, but this photo was taken around 5 P.M.  We used two big zebra reflectors against the sun and shot the photo using a Nikon D700 with my favorite lens, the AF-S 85mm 1:1.4G. In my camera bag I usually carry two Nikon bodies (D700 and D810), a couple of lenses from 35 to 85 mm.

Annetta Lakeside by tobiasglawe

Our main target was to take something with a  high gloss showing  swim wear and a glamorous look for promotional use. I edited the image using some color grading and RAW Processing with Capture One. The beauty retouching work was done with Photoshop, nothing special, primary Dodge&Burn.

The photo below was shot with a Nikon D700 | ISO 200 | f/4 using natural light from a window:

Birte by tobiasglawe

This photo was shot with natural window light and a light stripe:

Marie's Christmas by tobiasglawe

This photo was taken with natural light using a Nikon D700 | ISO 200 | f/1.6:

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