We all know how exciting it is to be the new kid on the block, after all we have all been newbies on Viewbug – just think back to that first upload of yours. Welcome Weekly is a curated series that spotlights and welcomes photographers that have joined Viewbug the last month. Make sure to scroll through and give the new members of Viewbug a warm welcome and a follow!

"Bjarnarhafnarfjall" by Eythor

Bjarnarhafnarfjall by Eythor

"Warriors" by elliefuria

Warriors by elliefuria

"Natural Bridge" by davecostantini

Natural Bridge by davecostantini

"appartments" by evmuraveva

colored architecture by evmuraveva

"Atami" by marcochavez

El Maculis by marcochavez

"Road to the Golden Gate" by niclewisphoto

Road to the Golden Gate by niclewisphoto

"Pastel Dreams" by adrianabrahams

Pastel Dreams by adrianabrahams

"I sold my soul for...." by evgeniysmersh

don't mess with slayer fans by evgeniysmersh

"Autum mood" by Sr-GuN-ko

Autum mood by Sr-GuN-ko

"Grooves in the Bark" by tristantodd

Grooves in the Bark by tristantodd

"innocence" by Mougaard

innocence by Mougaard

"808A8960-2" by ralfjust

808A8960-2 by ralfjust

"Abstract Equine Art" by yrobertshaw

Abstract Equine Art by yrobertshaw

"4" by mikhail48

One day by mikhail48

"Tempodrom" by Photovojac

Tempodrom by Photovojac

"Hibiscus Hanger" by PerfectlyFocal

Hibiscus Hanger by PerfectlyFocal