Let's talk turkey, or rather, photographing the turkey this Thanksgiving. If you're a VIEWBUG Member, you'll know the essentials, like the rule of thirds and composition. But let's dig deeper and make this year's turkey photos exceptional.

Macro Magic

Zoom into the details! After the turkey hits the oven, explore its unique textures and patterns up close with a macro shot. Capture the glistening raw skin, the herbs and spices sprinkled on it, or even the intricate patterns of its plumes if it's still feathered. These tiny details are often overlooked but can make for mesmerizing shots.

Golden Hour Glow

If you're roasting your turkey and the timing aligns, use the golden hour right before sunset or just after sunrise. Let the natural soft light filter into your kitchen or dining area. When your turkey emerges golden brown from the oven, the soft golden-hour light will complement its hue, making for a drool-worthy shot. No fancy equipment is needed just Mother Nature and timing.

Capture the Photographer

This Thanksgiving, turn the camera around and capture the act of capturing! Take a shot of someone taking a photo of the turkey or the entire spread. This meta-photography approach gives a unique, behind-the-scenes look and offers a different perspective. Position yourself so you can see their screen or viewfinder, giving your photo a picture-in-picture effect. This tip is a nod to all the unsung heroes who usually stay behind the lens.

Patterns and Colors Extravaganza

Thanksgiving is not just about the turkey; it's about the rich tapestry of colors and patterns the entire meal presents. Lay out a tablecloth with an interesting pattern. Place colorful side dishes in intricate arrangements around your turkey. Think vibrant cranberry sauce, golden corn, green beans, or even the rich hues of pumpkin pie. Snap photos that showcase the interplay of these colors against the color tablecloth. You'll love the results.

Aerial Ballet

While most shots of the dinner table are taken from the side or at an angle, an aerial photo can provide a fresh perspective. If you don't have a drone (or want to avoid flying one inside your house), here's a fun tip: attach your smartphone or compact camera to a (clean) mop or broom handle using rubber bands, ensuring it's secure. Please turn on the camera's timer, hoist it above, and capture a unique bird's-eye view of the table. This will give you an evenly distributed look at all the dishes and the turkey in its centerpiece glory.

While it's easy to get caught up in capturing the perfect shot, remember to enjoy the moment, the company, and the delicious meal. Photography is about capturing memories, and the story behind each photo makes it unique. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shooting!